USPS declines to extend contract talks; NALC ‘disappointed’

From the National Association of Letter Carriers:

Jan. 20, 2012 — Today, the United States Postal Service declined to extend collective-bargaining negotiations with the National Association of Letter Carriers, triggering an impasse that will automatically send the matter to mediation under the auspices of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. If no consensual agreement is reached in a 60-day period of mediation, the issues will be submitted for final and binding resolution before an “Interest Arbitration” panel, which under law must consider all the evidence presented by the parties.

Fredric Rolando, President of NALC, issued the following statement:

“I am disappointed by the Postal Service’s decision. We have been making steady progress in negotiations, right up through this afternoon. Our negotiations have been innovative, professional and productive and have been conducted at the highest level.

“Now that the formal litigation process has begun, we will pursue a negotiated agreement through mediation and prepare to vigorously defend our members in Interest Arbitration, if it reaches that step.

“Notwithstanding this turn of events, NALC continues to believe that a negotiated agreement is in the best interests of the parties, the businesses that rely on us and the nation we serve. We will continue to negotiate in good faith as mediation takes place under the law’s dispute-resolution process even as we prepare for binding arbitration, and we will work with Congress on vitally needed reforms. We also will work with our external expert advisers to advance a new business model that will revitalize and preserve the USPS as a vital element of the nation’s business and cultural infrastructure.”

NALC Collective Bargaining History, 1971-2007
Contract Term Type of Settlement Bargaining Structure*
1971-1973 Negotiated settlement JBC: NALC, APWU crafts, NPMHU, NRLCA
1973-1975 Negotiated settlement JBC: NALC, APWU, NPMHU, NRLCA
1975-1978 Negotiated settlement JBC: NALC, APWU, NPMHU, NRLCA
1978-1981 Healy Award (partial arbitration) JBC: NALC, APWU, NPMHU
1981-1984 Negotiated settlement JBC: NALC, APWU
1984-1987 Kerr Award (arbitration) JBC: NALC, APWU
1987-1990 Negotiated settlement JBC: NALC, APWU
1990-1994 Mittenthal and Valtin Awards JBC: NALC, APWU
1994-1998 Stark Award (arbitration) NALC
1998-2001 Fleischli Award (arbitration) NALC
2001-2006 Negotiated settlement NALC
2006-2011 Negotiated settlement NALC
* In many rounds of bargaining, two or more unions formed a Joint Bargaining Committee (JBC) to negotiate with the Postal Service. The NALC has negotiated on its own since 1994.

Anyone interested in learning about the history of postal bargaining may wish to consult this time line or read the NALC’s official history, Carriers in a Common Cause, available from the NALC Supply Department.

  • bob komar

    donahoe MUST GO!

  • read my lip

    only stupid leader believe that would bargain in good faith

  • pelican

    nalc had not chance, apwu screded then and the clerks for a health plan. i hope donehue gets his way and rewrites heath plan so apwu won’t benefit from it

  • pelican

    Guffey , you sold out every full time employee in the country for a health plan you parasite, you set the working class back 30 years

  • pelican

    new hires 14 buks an hour and 30 hours a week as oposed to 27 buks an hour 40 hours a week for a healh plan blue cross should sue you incompetent arse apwu healh plan ain’t worth dic

  • Rick

    Does anyone know what we are asking for in this contract? Nobody is talking.

  • dawg

    so much for jrap and mirap in good faith, glad they let the union shit all over their carriers and double the work load, only to be told it was for naught!

  • David

    Rick…No one will talk. More precisely, the question would seem to be, “What are we giving up in this next contract?” Rolando keeps floating the single-option health care plan, and anytime he uses the code words, “…innovative, professional and productive,” carriers are advised to worry. How has JRAP suited you? MRAP? How does the “innovative” idea of a two-tiered wage schedule strike you, given the nature and history of this union in particular, and the labor movement through the 20th century? The Postal Service has stated its goal of acheiving a five-day work week… What do we as a group think the NALC leadership could possibly offer in return for a gauranteed six-day work week in order to protect the union’s revenue stream? Simply put, the Postal Service is in the driver’s seat this time around, and mediation, and the distinct possibility of arbitration in which the financial stranglehold the service finds itself in will be argued and placed squarely in an arbiter’s grip, can only further squeeze the noose around Rolando’s neck.

  • postman

    yes, im pretty sure postmaters want to be able to hide in bushes and parking lots with binoculars to watch city carriers. nalc wont allow it so its a sticking point.

  • tony

    We don’t need to hide in the bushes, we just watch the video while you drink beer and scan MSP points.

  • myztero

    Wish I had time to watch videos. Too busy trying to deliver 10 hours of mail in 8!

  • jim

    Judging from past contracts it’s a good thing that bargaining is over! Let it go to arbitration and the carriers will at least get something. The union wants to bend over backwards so they can say they came to a negotiated settlement.

  • Scott

    If they just got rid of half of management we would of made money!

  • Slim

    I am a postmaster and I carried. There wasn’t a route in America that couldn’t be done in 5 hours if “the carrier wanted to be done”. All the crying from the carriers now is because they are asked to “work” 8 hours. If the carriers did their jobs without the need of a baby sitter we “could” probably get rid of a lot of Supervisors. How can you honestly sit there and say that you are not pissed that your carrying now and not 15 years ago when you weren’t held accountable!! If you don’t like the rules quit!! The reason we are in the shape we are in is because for the last 50 years we paid carriers 8 hours of pay for 5 hours of work. Now the employees of today are asked to make that up. Postmasters, Clerks, Carriers, Processors,and handlers are screwed. Suck it up or QUIT