Rep. Higgins: USPS hiring sign “slap in the face” to postal workers

Office of Rep. Brian Higgins D-NY News Release

“The sign outside the William Street mail processing facility may say they deliver jobs but it seems to me these days the United States Postal Service is much better at delivering confusion and mixed messages. This could be a poster for the pervasive tone deaf bureaucratic disconnection from the public. On one hand they are providing little information but asking Western New Yorkers to trust that a shut-down is necessary; and yet their job posting seems to tell another story, one that certainly implies that the volume in Buffalo is there to support 50 additional jobs.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am all about creating jobs in Western New York but this sign is a slap in the face to the 700 employees preparing to lose their jobs at the hands of the USPS that has to walk through those doors every day.”

Click here to see the sign the Congressman is referring to.

  • trout

    Nothing unusual here. The Post Office is known to talk out of every side of it’s mouth and delivering mulitple messages on the same subject. That’s why they get paid the big bucks.

  • Lynn

    They want CHEAP Jobs, not decent paying jobs like the 700 current employees have. They are like most businesses, if they could take it off shore and pay a child to work for 8 cents per hour they would. Keep voting Rep and that can all be yours.

  • bob komar

    Honorable Rep. Higgins,
    Kudos to you,,but it is time to RALLY your troops in dc to do something about this.. IT IS GOING ON IN THE POSTAL SERVICE ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!LOOK INTO the MIS-MGMT of the POST OFFICE…TO RUN IT LIKE A BUSINESS like the pmg and his cronies say..YOU NEED REAL BUSINESSMEN TO RUN IT!STOP THE INSANE PRE_FUNDING..that donahoe is afraid to reiterate to congress!