Careless letter carrier caught on camera

Careless Mail Carrier Caught on Camera:

North Hollywood – Neither rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night will stop the US Postal Service… and neither will a fence!

Michael Oreb happened to be watching the security camera in front of his North Hollywood home when the mailman came.

The mailman had a package Oreb was waiting for… an antique clock he ordered from Pennsylvania.

When the mailman was unable to open the gate… he threw the package over the fence!

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  • JBean

    There are plenty of videos of UPS & Fex Ex delivery people doing the exact same thing or worse.

  • earl

    was the parcel insured? If not, I doubt it.

  • Scout

    For every stupid mail person there are 200 good ones.

  • FedEx Fool

    The good ones are the ones not caught on camera. He, he, he. No, but in all seriousness, the distribution clerk that morning threw it the same distance of farther to get it to the carrier routes hamper where it is collected before being acquired by the delivery carrier. And so on…I am sure someone before the destination office can tell you a story or two. Attention Sender: Package the thing as if it were going to go through; a hurricane, tornado, sleet, rain, dark of night, whatever, just realize your package is one of thousands!

  • Ainkur

    As long as he made his scans and DOIS times, everything should be ok….

  • Hubert Escarpeta

    the gate is lock, if he takes it back to the po customer will complain…..who knows what’s in the package—if it makes it through all the sorting and conveyor belts, throwing it over the fence doesn’t seems to be a bad risk….the media magnifies every little thing to make news-they have nothing better to report

  • connie

    If it is insured, and it should be he will get his money back not in five years as stated by some of these reporters and yes it is a wonder that the package was in such great shape with all the handling and machinery it had to go thru. No worse than UPS or Federal Express

  • Postmaster

    Sorry, this piece of garbage should be given some time off and lacking improvement, should find another line of work. I don’t care if it’s insured or if it’s a pillow or whether a clerk tossed it previously. Doesn’t anyone have any sort of job dedication. We’re paid enough to not be careless. No excuse, if you suck as a worker the Post Office has it’s full complement so go work elsewhere. If you can excuse this guy for any reason you are probably also part of the problem, pull your heads out of your asses and work for a living.

  • thomas

    Why didn’t this chucklehead tell the P.O. he was waiting for something important., and why didn’t he wait for the mailman and meet him outside most arrive like clockwork, why was the gate locked?

  • bob komar

    when is FAUX NEWS going to come into the po and see ALL of the Mis- Management going on .. understaffed window service more supervisors and 204b’s in the building than workers.. investigating the hundreds of certified mail that never get a 2ND notice per operations.. and that sit in the buildiing for MONTHS and are sent back!If you came to my office you would have a field day with MGMNT.NO NO’ save the po and money an investigation by congress is LONG OVER DUE!

  • buddy

    I have customers request throw package over the fence if locked. Obviously not a flat screen. The customer should have enough respect for a 1938 clock to insure or signature confirmation the package. Either the postman was being lazy and careless or the customer has complained before about not leaving packages. “carrier leave if no response”. the right thing to do is leave a 3849 and have customer drive to po and pick up or request another delivery date. He may not have had a 3849 LOL!!

  • John715

    Why are some of you folks trying to defend the postal worker’s actions? He was definitely wrong no matter if it was insured or not. The carrier should have left a notice for that inconsiderate homeowner.