APWU: OIG Report on USPS Health and Safety Program “of little value”

From the APWU:

An audit report [PDF] conducted by the Postal Service’s Inspector General’s Office (OIG) on the USPS Health and Safety Program, released Nov. 14, is limited in both scope and depth and is thus of little value in assessing the agency’s overall efforts to promote a safe workplace, the union has determined.

“The report should not be viewed as a comprehensive audit of the Postal Service’s safety program but rather as an unfocused snap shot of the Postal Service’s application of a piece of its safety program,” said APWU Safety and Health Specialist Corey Thompson.

“Based on the identification of numerous hazards and problems found by study, in such a small sampling of the overall USPS safety program the report can only be viewed as evidence that many more unsafe conditions would be discovered by the OIG if it were to perform a more comprehensive audit,” he added.

Thompson also noted the OIG did not consult national union officials for their views and expertise, and it overlooked a broad range of electrical and automation related hazards at USPS facilities.

via OIG Issues Report on USPS Health and Safety Program.

  • Ted C

    I wonder how much money could be saved if they did away with the OIG? Probably more than all the PO closings. Something to think about!

  • zack

    How much money is spent on these “audits” anyway? Seems like a waste of money if no one is ever going to take safety seriously. My work place is plagued with ubiquitous safety violations, that everyone is aware of, and acknowledge as legitimate safety violations, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is moving the mail.
    Just call the ambulance when needed, or the coroner. No will really cares about us anyway.

  • unforgiven

    You mean we have a safety program that extends beyond signing a sheet of paper, after they tell us things that have no real impact on safety, because they don’t care about safety beyond the sign off sheet?

  • Informed One

    Idiot…OIG Inspectors are NOT postal employees.