USPS “Mail Works Guarantee” experiment flops

In April 2011 the US Postal Service announced that it would test market a guaranteed direct mail product. The idea was to target companies that spend “$250 Million annually on advertising as identified by Advertising Age magazine and for whom mail is not currently a large part of their advertising mix”. The USPS said it would offer a postage-back guarantee to sixteen companies “to test the effectiveness of advertisements for their products using First-Class Mail and Standard Mail”.

On Friday the USPS reported the results of the experiment to the Postal Regulatory Commission- apparently, none of the companies were interested:

The market test began on June 14, 2011. During the next six months, no customers committed to using the mail in a way that would qualify for the market test guarantee. As a result, no data are available to report at this time.

Data Collection Report 1 Final.pdf application/pdf Object.

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  • moo goo gai pan

    What a joke. Some genius from Washington who proably got a bonus to suggest this wasted 6 months resources making no money. News flash:we deliver mail and sell stamps, work on that.

  • earl

    And who said a box of rocks wasn’t smart?

  • Martin Jarmulowicz

    Instead of a money back guarantee, they should have given them the first mailing free to let them see how effective postal advertising can be. (like crack dealers do for first timers). The EDDM (every door direct mailing) is a better program because it can target there business towards a specific clientel. That being said, after 25 years of postal service I was excessed from my dream job and had no other alternative except to transfer back to the facility I had worked for 19 years, I am now a PTF mailhander with 2 days seniority..woo hoo.

  • bob komar

    AGAIN! if the po wants to run it like a business! you have to have businessmen at the top! NOT the FLUNKIES that are in charge now..the pmg must resign!

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Don’t think anyone is in charge. The flunkies are just trying to save their jobs or frigure out a way to cash in should we go private.