Abaq.us Announces USPS Certification for myGeoTracking Cloud-Based GPS Location Service

Abaqus, Inc., the leading developer of cross-carrier cloud-based location services that enable high quality, low cost mobile workforce and asset management solutions , today announced it has been certified by the United States Postal Service (USPS) as a Transportation Location Service Provider. Abaqus’ “myGeoTracking©” solution now meets the USPS’ demanding location service requirements for transportation companies carrying USPS freight.

“We’re very pleased to have earned this certification,” said Shailendra Jain, CEO of Abaqus. “Not only does this enable us to meet current customer requirements, but positions the platform as a cost-effective solution for other transportation firms that need to become TLS compliant for their USPS contracts.”

The USPS put in place new GPS location reporting requirements for transportation firms carrying USPS freight. All companies hauling USPS freight must report the position of vehicles in transit every 15 minutes. This generally forced the industry to adopt GPS systems, but this posed an issue for those companies using owner/operator drivers under contract – how can they generate position reporting information when they don’t own the vehicle?

“We’re confident that this innovative ‘out of the box’ service layer solution from Abaq.us, leveraging the TechnoCom Location Platform™, will be well received by the transportation industry,” said Mario Proietti, CEO of TechnoCom Corporation. “It is rewarding to be a part of this first of its kind cross-carrier cloud-based location solution to be certified by the USPS as a Transportation Location Service Provider.”

The Abaq.us myGeoTracking service locates existing cell phones through a unique cloud-based solution, letting companies quickly and easily manage driver and fleet location. The myGeoTracking solution is completely web-based and does not require special GPS devices, special phones or any new software. The service also provides mobile management applications for iPhone and Android devices which lets managers continue to manage their assets and field resources when they are away from their office.

The myGeoTracking service can use any standard feature phone* to send location and event information and complies with USPS location standards. In addition to on-demand and scheduled location and status reporting, a unique location-enhanced SMS feature lets your mobile workers actively send you a date, time and GPS location stamped status message. Visit http://www.mygeotracking.com for more information and to sign up for a free trial.

About Abaq.us

Abaq.us, Inc is based in Palo Alto, CA and delivers cloud-hosted and mobile applications and services that make it possible for companies to weave sensor awareness from telematics, mobile phones and other devices into their enterprise web and mobile solutions to improve their assets’ and resources’ productivity and ROI. The Company also provides custom implementations on a wide array of platforms tailored to match your company’s needs. Visit http://www.abaq.us for more information.