USPS set to encourage transfers to the letter carrier craft

A post on the 21st Century Postal Worker web site suggests the USPS will seek to convince clerks and mail handlers to become letter carriers. According to the item, USPS Headquarters has informed the APWU leadership that it will be posting notices around the country with the following:

“Why become a city letter carrier now?

  • Taking advantage of this option now provides the greatest selection of jobs and job locations and increases the chances of finding a job near your home.
  • Your letter carrier seniority starts as soon as you start.

What are the disadvantages of waiting? The longer you delay the fewer options you may have.”

The poster was attached to an email from an APWU regional coordinator:

“Attached is a notice to the APWU that the USPS is going to start a campaign to encourage our members to become Letter Carriers. They currently have a number of carrier vacancies that they would like to fill with our people.

As you know if our people voluntarily transfer they start a new period of seniority, generally as a PTF carrier. If they are full time currently and they are excessed into the carrier craft they remain full time.

With the proposal to go from 6 day to 5 day delivery currently being considered by Congress, I would discourage our members from volunteering to become carriers. The USPS says if they get 5 day delivery they can eliminate all their Q-2 positions and reduce the number of letter carriers significantly. This will lead to the junior carriers being excessed or perhaps laid off, if the USPS reduces of eliminates the layoff protection in their current round of bargaining with the NALC.

So caution your members accordingly. Thx. Mike “

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  • Cb196

    Doing this will create the USPS paying out more in workmans compensation. It’s already happening. Clerks carry for a short time and claim they got injured. The real carriers then have to work longer hours because those clerks are holding down a route and not there. That office can not hire another carrier until they are off there rolls. Sorry clerks, but most of you can not do a carrier job that is why you stayed as a clerk.

  • larry

    I carried for 11 years and had both hips replaced and now work at the window for the past 13 years. their are no clerks who will become carriers. there is 1 major reason. their is not a clerk alive who works half as hard as a carrier.
    clerks have dry clothes air condishing and heat. most clerks would QUIT a week later. Clerks who never carried have no idea what work is
    That is a pure fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ben

    You’re right on Larry, it would be a foolish move. Not to mention a lot of those considering the move are older people. I carried for over 20 and then moved to maintenance. Don’t miss that walk everyday that is fo sho.

  • thomas

    True that Larry very few will admit to that they think they are killing themselves. We had a saying don’t be a jerk be a clerk.

  • clerk 4

    I carried for 21.5 “summers”, as I like to say. In Arizona, it is dang hot! I am now in maintenance as a custodian and I agree with some of the previous messages. We have VERY hard working clerks and I love ’em to pieces, but being a carrier is by far the hardest job in the PO. Because of health, I changed crafts in 2005. Don’t know if that was the right thing to have done at this point. So close to retirement and not sure it will be there in 2.5 years. Scary, scary times, no doubt.

  • rep

    If they have all of these carrier jobs open why are all the PTFs still PTFs.Why don’t they give guys or girls that have been carrier PTFs for 6 or more years these jobs.These people will lose their job if they go to 5 days!

  • bob

    Both of you are just lazy and have no idea want your talking about.

  • readytoretire

    I think this is nothing more than a delay tactic on the part of the postal svc. Article 12 has been in effect way, way too long and the unions, especially the NALC are getting heat from the rank and file. In my city there are currently 30 open routes that need to be filled every day. Throw in vacations and sick calls, you now have a mgt/delivery nightmare. Mgt. uses their bogus DOIS figures that create fictional undertime in order to get these routes delivered. This is why the P.O. uses archaic linear counts instead of piece counts(2 ft. of cabelas catalogs equals 2 ft. of a politcal mailing, tho one takes about 3 minutes to case while the other 30 minutes). Plus, nowhere in DOIS will you find time for parcels, accountables, scanning time(I average 100 scans a day now that the P.O. is placing tracking #s on everything), weather, or the carriers age. This ploy to get clerks into the carrier craft is just that, a ploy. They know full well no clerks are going to give up their seniority or go to work out into the elements, especially if they’re older. They need to keep Article 12 active and these routes open until congress acts, decisions are made, and buyouts start. They’re stalling with this clerk transfer thing. Meanwhile, grievance money is being paid out at an alarming rate because DOIS IS BOGUS and we can’t get the mail delivered without violating the contract or beating employees up on a daily basis. Attrition rates are at an all time low because people are waiting for the buyouts that have been talked about all over the web for months. Obama has even freed up 1.5 billion dollars for them, so what is taking so long?

  • Nate B.

    I’m a bulk mail clerk in an office with 30+ carriers in 2 zip codes. I’m responsible for the 5 million dollars that flow through the BMEU that pays
    all of our salaries. Im also the expeditor handling all the incoming and
    outgoing mail and keeping all the trucks running on time every day.
    I do every single clerk function and know every carrier and every route.
    I worked in automation for 10 years prior to doing this, so yeah i think i
    could carry the mail.

  • Charles J.

    Lots of luck to any clerk who takes over my route, when I retire on March 1st 2012. Wear a caving light, because you will be delivering well after dark. Plus the person who resdjusted the route, allowed me 1 min of travel time to drive 1 mile and unload a LLV and clock off. Humm sounds like some manager falsafied times AGAIN. As Gomer Pyle USMC once said, “Suprize Suprize Suprize”.

  • Mr. Postman

    Oh, come on you bunch of wussy-pussy clerks! Where’s your grit, guts and balls at? I’ve worked for over 28 years as a letter carrier, and it hasn’t killed me yet. For all of those years I had to listen to the “glorified” clerks in my office laugh and joke about us letter carriers being too stupid to come in out of the rain. Most of the time, it was the know-it-all clerks who had the best opportunity for advancement because they were in the office all day long, and could kiss management’s butts to get the promotions. I always thought it was funny when some postmaster or supervisor who came up from the clerk side or a 204B clerk tried to tell me I needed to work harder when they never even hung a mail satchel on their shoulder before. Hells-Bells… If the USPS were cutting back on the letter carrier craft, and my job was being downsized, I’d switch over to the clerk craft because I know damn good and well that I could do it. I’ve worked my letter carrier all of these years because I wanted a good paying job to support my family. I’d rather make $27.00+ per hour at the USPS than slightly above minimum wage at WalMart.