Postmaster Pay Talks Continue


Discussions on pay policies, schedules and fringe benefit programs for Postmasters continued this week between top Postal Service officials and leaders of both Postmaster organizations (NAPUS and the League.) The talks were re-opened at the suggestion of Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, during a meeting with NAPUS President Bob Rapoza and League President Mark Strong on December 6, 2011.

On November 17, 2011, the two Postmaster organization presidents requested that the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) convene a factfinding panel to review the Postmaster Pay Package for Fiscal Years 2011-2015. The request came as a result of the Postal Service’s final decision announcement on November 9, 2011, concerning pay policies, schedules, and fringe benefits for Postmasters.

The key discussion items continue to focus on minimum and maximum salary range improvements, health benefits contribution rates and changes to the Performance Evaluation System (PES.)

The pay talks will continue next week in an effort to reach a resolution on Postmaster pay and benefits for FY’s 2011-2015 by January 27, 2012. If the no agreement is reached by the deadline, the factfinding process through the FMCS will resume. Please check the NAPUS website for updates as information is received.

Charlie Moser

January 13, 2012

via NAPUS.

  • cpttuna

    it’s hard to bargain with a box of rocks.

  • Chris

    and we wonder why the postal service is running out of money????? My solution, get rid of excessive management in an office, such as a postmaster or supervisor, and also eliminate the fools that are over them! In our office its the micro managing that breaks our contracts on a daily basis and grievances have to be filed in order to get the job done!! Are you hearing this postmaster general????????????????????????????????????????

  • d Kozak

    I do not make that kind of money. I no longer have anyone to clean. I get to work, shovel snow, mop floors, clean toilets, unload mail, sort the mail, work the window, finish the box section all by 10am………time limit. I do all the reports, I work alone no one to help not even during mail count.
    I do route inspections, deliver miss sent mail and packages.
    I use my personal vehicle to deliver mail or miss sent mail.
    I work during my lunch hour, I never get out on time…and do not get paid for all the extra hours I spend at the office taking care of complaints that are not associated with my office. Lets see as of Dec. 1st. of last year they can make me part time and I could loose half of my wages per year or they can close me and then I have nothing. I have put 17.5 years into the postal service and come May they can take that all away. I will not be able to collect full benefits due to not having 20 years of service and they will more than likely close my office. I am also under micro managing
    as a Postmaster. I do not break any contracts but mine is on the hinge every day that I work.I help my carriers and I worry about them every day. I worry about injuries and accidents and getting the mail delivered every single day.
    My job is on the line every day that I walk in that door.
    I am not one of the excessive management postmasters
    and we are not all on the same level as you say we are.
    I work hard for my wages and I feel an honest days work is worth an honest days wages.

  • Steve C

    Hey d Kozak your breaking my heart with your story. Integrity is lost and it’s all about the pay for performance. These guys salaries are public knowledge so don’t say you don’t make that much. The level 7 lead clerk was negotiated in the APWU contract. The reason was to eliminate the supervisors and some postmasters. Saving the postal service money, so again remind me why the USPS is not using these lead clerks?

  • bob komar

    screw the craft but give me a raise!this is a major reason for the downfall of the usps