Veteran Fights Federal Government For Pension Check

Mt. Vernon, OH —

A Mt. Vernon veteran who devoted three decades to the U.S. Postal Service as a mail carrier says he is now receiving only about half his pension check from the federal government.

Jon Minard served in Vietnam, losing an eye to a grenade, before returning home and working at the U.S.P.S. delivering mail for thirty years. He worked in Dublin before eventually moving to Mt. Vernon.

via Veteran Fights Federal Government For Pension Check | NBC 4i.

  • Huh

    Why shame on USPS? They have nothing to do with paying retirees. All of those issues are done through OPM. And it is a typical government agency, i.e. overburdened and underfunded with all of the recent cuts. Everyone agrees with sticking it to federal employees yet these incidents are what result. The employee had to know that he would only get interim payments for some indeterminate period PRIOR to his retirement. That is why most folks carry over the maximum amount of leave time to cash it in for funds to help tide you over. He’ll eventually get all he is owed but his credit may be dinged.
    I am also a USPS CSRS retiree with 28 years of service and a 50% disabled vet.

  • M. Jamison

    OPM could do a much better job of estimating final annuity and getting the interim checks closer. In probably 90% of cases the information needed to calculate the proper annuity is present and documented appropriately.
    This has been news for the last two years. The problems seem to stem from difficulty implementing a new automated system. Whatever they are it would seem that the director of the agency ought to be held accountable.