• Marla Steele

    If the Post Office wants to cut jobs and they say mail volume is down get rid of the supervisors don’t add more. Quit spending millions on new letter sorting machines when the old ones work just fine. Get rid of half the top executives that have other jobs in different companies.Post Office don’t need them either. We love you Bernie!!

  • Glenn Koscielski

    The senator is so right. We need to excess the PMG and his execs and replace them with innovators. Not people who will destroy the Postal Service from inside out! Track how much waste has gone into investments in automation programs that have failed and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Those that thought these programs up continue to run the show. Any other business would have canned them years ago. We support his Senate legislation! Leave it to a Vermont Yankee to come up with a genuine plan to save our Postal Service! Thanks Bernie!