Collins: PRC opinion on PO closings confirms need for postal reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Susan Collins, Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and one of the authors of bipartisan postal reform legislation, today issued the following statement regarding the Postal Regulatory Commission’s advisory opinion on the U.S. Postal Service’s plan to close as almost 3700 post offices and other retail facilities. The Postal Service is required to ask the PRC for a non binding opinion on nationwide service changes.

The PRC said “the Commission’s primary finding is that the (closure plan) was not designed to optimize the network. The Commission recommends the use of modern optimization tools and techniques to better maximize net retail revenues while fulfilling statutory service obligations.”

“The Commission’s unanimous findings support my and many of my colleagues’ skepticism about the wisdom of mass postal closures without a more thoughtful, transparent, and data-driven process,” said Senator Collins. “Fortunately, such a process is included in the 21st Century Postal Reform Act, which I authored along with Senators Lieberman, Carper and Brown. Our bill would require the Postal Service to find savings and internal efficiencies first – before raising prices and cutting service that could drive away the very customers keeping the mail in business. Today’s PRC opinion only highlights the increasing urgency for Congress to pass comprehensive postal reform if we are to preserve the Postal Service for the next generation of Americans.

  • Snap!

    Savings and internal efficiencies first? After 200 plus years, you might think that has been tried. The Congresswoman should avail herself of this opportunity to sit down and review ANY of the collective bargaining agreements and note all of the limitations,restrictions and prohibitions regarding employee usage, reassignment or reduction before advocating such nonsense.

  • craft director

    Snap! You are full of crap. Lets start by firing the management that agreed to the contracts. Then fire the management who costs the company millions in grievance settlements because they feel they don’t have to follow the contract. These are not only the Unions contract… they were agreed to by both sides.

  • Deo

    Well said ‘craft director’ .

  • jo

    Craft director is so on the money.When several routes were taken out of our office,overpaid managment with much too much downtime tried to bully us into always finishing in 8 hours.They thought that the rules didn’t apply to them and as a result our office recieved many dollars in grevience money.It was an waste of postal funds but was needed to teach them that you can’t get blood from a stone.

  • Common Sense

    JO, when you start a thought with “overpaid managment”, you have no credibility. You are one of those that have plenty of blame but no answers except everyone’s pay except yourself. Thanks for wasting our time.

  • Scout

    Blah, Blah, Blah!

  • craft director

    Common Sense, I read your posts and you say the same thing…. Over andover….. oh wait… I bet you are in management.


    when susan collins stated that the closure plan was not designed to optimize the network is proof that the our dumb pmg has no clue how to run a business. read again and check out her use of words:…. skepticism of the wisdom of mass closings”

  • craft director

    That is what you get when the management stooges claw their way to the top, instead of hiring professional CEO/CFO’s


    Any manager,who does not do his/her job,is being overpaid. secondly, when millions of dollars are paid to settle grievances and top management does nothing, this presents a big problem. If nothing else, fuel could have been purchased with that money. How many managers in the last 40 years have been fired for not following the contract? Finally, my postmaster forced me to work overtime(I’m not on the list and 2nd in senority among city cariers) with carriers on the list, so he would not miss the 6pm deadline and have to personally drive the collected mail to the processing center. What a crock of shit>

  • Jj

    Snap, the woman you refer to as “congresswoman” is actually a U S Senator. Pay attention.

  • jo

    CPTTUNA,Thats how we won most of our grievences.Pay out grievence money so people come back by 5.Penny wise,dollar stupid.

  • don’tgetsuckered

    Collins is the one who got the Postal Service into the financial bind that they are now in;she authored and pushed for passage of PAEA law in 2006….what a hypocrite.If not for PAEA, the Postal Service shows a PROFIT since 2006.Yet the only proposed legislation that currently addresses this unfair PAEA law is H.R. 1351 in the House;H.R. 1351 would return the Postal Service to solvency.Collins’ current proposed legislation does NOT address PAEA at all!