Video: Letter carrier defies Santa Claus ban

The Bellevue, Washington carrier who was ordered to stop dressing as Santa Claus defied those instructions on Monday, much to the delight of his customers:

  • Al Kramer has thrown customer service out the window, from lower levels all the way to Dono-whore. Keep up the fight

  • brew

    After working for the po for 26 years, I know first hand, that postal management does not care if they are wrong! they only care about orders being obeyed. That way the postal managers mantain the’re ignorant control.
    this guy will be suspended, or fired!

  • rural carrier

    Failure to follow instructions. Making customers smile does not mitigate the fact he disobeyed an order.

  • Kbob

    Hey what about the employee that complained to management? Sounds like we have a grinch in merry Santa’s band. Management is not totally to blame in this case. The good old Postal Service hasn’t paid attention to the way carriers dress for over 45 years. How often do you see a letter carrier that looks like he or she is wearing the same uniform for days or their shoes haven’t seen polish since they were made. The only time managment says or does anything about carriers uniforms is if there is a complaint from the public or from an employee. Another example of mismanagement by not enforcing the way their employees look while delivering mail. Why not inspect their uniforms and personal hygiene so they don’t look like shabby ums delivering the mail.

  • Shard

    I ca understand why would a mature child compalin about santa claus dress… I am sure some thing is wrong about that person… usps should be smart enough, not to give improtance to that and let the carrier dress like santa claus!….oh! come on is this an issue at all …while there are many more things to discuss about!

  • Shard

    all these guys who are talking about customer service, should realise there are 1000 to whom the carrier delivers, only one complained…some thing could be internally wrong with that person, which could be personal issues..finally, majority rules ( one person is not considered minority! too)….translation..usps does respect customers!
    if not convinced, if every one stats setting up thier own preferences about you think usps will be able to do every thing!

  • Ryan

    Can you read? If you read the article that was posted in the Bellevue paper, a co-worker complained. All you union people should know….everything is equal, so if one complains managment must take action. And since he was able to do this for over 10 years, I’d say managment didn’t have the problem with it.

  • larry

    Keep santa the hell out of the street with his santa outfit on. It reflects the celebration Of christmas.
    i thought religion and the government were a no no.
    I think he is an idiot and should get a letter of warning followed by a suspension if he keeps it up. what makes christmas the holiday that means this letter carrier can wear what he wants.
    grow up

  • Bob Buzzel

    Good for you SANTA-& when you come “off the street”, you can tell management to go F**K themselves too!!!!

  • brier

    larry, you must be the one who complained.
    Go for it Santa!!
    Oh and as for him being an idiot,, anybody who makes people happy and brings a smile to a persons face must be an idiot. Now that I think more on this , I know a lot of idiot mail carriers.We are customer service, not the suit at the top.

  • Jay

    Larry, get a life!! You’re the idiot!! If you go into any PO you will see the clerks wearing something Christmas. Carriers have worn Santa hats where I live. I’ve been carrying mail for 11 years and I wear a Santa hat for the week before Christmas. Never once been told that me and my fellow carriers couldn’t wear them. Management can try all they want, but past practice will keep this carrier from receiving a suspension.

  • brew

    larry the loser!

  • Snap!

    If you allow one carrier to dress as he wishes, then you must allow everyone else the same privilege. And so when you see one with a potbelly and shower shoes ambling down your block, please remember how much fun the Santa was at Christmas. The Santa Claus suit is not acceptable as uniform wear. How about a crook in a Santa suit walking along the block taking mail out of boxes? Guess he might not be as cute if you were sure which was which. Why not deliver mail wearing a Barak Obama mask?

  • short

    years ago I was paid by the PO to deliver express packages on Christmas Day and they supplied the Santa suit. and Larry Santa is so removed from any religious connotations these days , so what’s your problem with Santa. did you not get the red wagon you wanted as a child and your parents blamed Santa or what.

  • larry

    santa comes along in december only. There is a reason, he represents christmas, that is a religious holiday for most americans BUT NOT ALL AMERICANS.
    Keep religeon out of the Post office

  • Bill

    At least until Larry can spell religion.