USPS about face on in home delivery dates?

Late last month, the USPS told mailers it would no longer honor “In-Home Delivery Dates” on bulk mailings. According to Postcom, though, it’s changed its mind:

Been usin’ “In-Home Date” delivery notifications? Thought you couldn’t anymore? Think again. The Postmaster General did and he’s given mailers the okay to use the in-home date delivery request as in the past. . . . By the way, if you REALLY want to get delivery on a specific in-home date, use your head . Be sure you prepare and enter your mail EXACTLY where and when it’s necessary to receive delivery on that day in accordance with USPS service delivery standards. . . . And one final caveat. The Postal Service is NOT in the business of storing your mail. If you enter your mail earlier than necessary, then you’ll be getting delivery earlier than requested. Again . . . use your head.

via PostCom: Postal News and Information from Around the World.

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    Donahoe is the epitomy of leading from behind.

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    Retired PMG Potter made one of the best decisions of his career, retiring before all hell broke out! That may be all I can say about it.

  • cpttuna

    Hi; My name is Sam. I’m from the USPS and I’m here to help.