Issa: Donahoe “folded like a cheap suit”

Looks like Darrell is having a hard time getting over the Postmaster General’s decision to reach an agreement with a bipartisan group of Senators rather than knuckling under to the demands of the Issa, Ross and the Tea Party terrorists:

For more, see Alan Robinson’s article “The Political Impact of Tweets from Representatives Issa and Ross

  • BAM

    Maybe some has some gonads after all.We all know it ain’t Darrell.

  • leavingpm

    If this dork gets re-elected in Calif…….maybe it should drop off into the ocean…….

  • Scout

    Issa needs to retire, vote him out CA.

  • cpttuna

    If you can’t cut the mustard,don’t pick-up the knife.(but you can stay around and lick the jar)

  • mailhandler in Ga.

    Issa what a joke, could not get Donahue on his jock. Now he is mad at him.

  • Shard

    he is a taste of his own words, he is more worried about “cheap suit.. he is used to buying a costly suit, …..when he was 2 he wore a suit made by the great designer gucci, and yeah he needs post office to fund that”

  • JWeasel

    The saying is “folded like a cheap tent” but when you’re a billionaire, I guess you don’t have to be smart.

  • donieray

    How many postal employee’s voted for the repubs ????
    that’s the questions!!! be careful what UUUU vote for UUU just mught get it!!!

  • crazy

    Now, Issa has 2 sponsors, Rep. Ross and Robert E. Guthrie. All three should be ashamed of themselves. Thanks PMG Donohue for not sticking with them.