Postal Service Busiest Mailing and Delivery Days are this Week

WASHINGTON, Dec. 19, 2011 – It’s not too late to make sure holiday gifts and cards arrive in time for Christmas. At the Post Office or online, the U.S. Postal Service — the “Official Shipper of the Holidays” — is ready for this week’s busiest mailing and delivery days of the year.

The Postal Service expects to deliver 16.5 billion letters, packages and cards between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. the busiest day for mailing this trove of holiday cheer is expected to be Tuesday, Dec. 20, when over 600 million cards and letters will be processed. The busiest day for delivery of packages is a day earlier — Monday, Dec. 19.

“We know that customers are looking at options for shipping their last minute holiday gifts, and the Postal Service offers a great combination of value and convenience,” said Susan LaChance, vice president Consumer Industry and Affairs. “We’re just a click away for online customers who want to take care of their shipping needs from their home computers.”

LaChance said a visit to is the easiest way to alleviate holiday stress. “You can print postage and shipping labels directly from your computer with Click-N-Ship,” she said. “We offer discounts when you ship online, and we provide free Delivery Confirmation when you use Click-N-Ship. Plus, you can schedule free package pickup.”

The Postal Service recommends Priority Mail as the best way to ship for the holidays. Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes are available free at local Post Offices in a wide array of sizes. They also can be ordered online at, or by telephone at 800-STAMP-24.

“Our eco-friendly Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes are the best deal in shipping,” said Gary Reblin, vice president, Domestic Products. “Our ‘If it fits, it ships’ service is a bargain. We’ll send any package weighing up to 70 pounds to any destination in the U.S. for a low flat rate. And packages shipped by Dec. 21 will arrive in time for Christmas.”

Busy shoppers can wrap up their holidays by shipping up-to-the-very-last-minute gifts using Express Mail. The Postal Service provides a money-back guarantee for delivery by Christmas Day for Express Mail accepted by Dec. 22 to be delivered to designated ZIP codes. Gifts sent by Express Mail are automatically insured for $100. Free Express Mail packages and envelopes are available online at and at local Post Offices.

The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

  • Scout

    Convenience! Ha, I am a window clerk and we are so short handed with window clerks that it is not funny and I ran out of stamps on Saturday.The USPS is a joke.

  • larry

    Hey scout,
    I work the window as well. Not only are we short handed but when we run out of stamps the postmaster is not in the bluilding so I have no access to the safe so the customer thinks we are idiots. BTW the flat rate boxes are a rip off. 70 percent of folks who use them would be better served with regular prioirty boxes. Boxes number 4 or box number 7. This way they can ship with bigger boxes and more than likely the rate is much cheaper for any area that is reasonablly close. However we do not tell the custtomer that. Instead we cheat them. Why doesnt our advertising say Ask Your Sales Person weather a flat rate box or regular priority box will be cheaper. we are out to screw the last remaining customers.
    Maybe because all management is related and not actually quailified to run a business

  • curly

    Hey Scout & larry,
    Maybe if you did you job instead of working soo hard to get out of work you would have a better attitude and you could actually work with management and the customers would win also.

  • larry

    curly. seems to me you know nothing about me or how I work with management. I am in a 2 person office and do everything. So you are either a boss who does almost nothing or one of these yes sir butt kissing employees probably a clerk since they do not work to hard. so do not sit in judgement, since you know not what you are talking about