Memphis: Trucks stuck for hours waiting to unload Christmas mail


MEMPHIS, TN – (WMC-TV) – Dozens of mail trucks were stuck in South Memphis for hours Saturday afternoon with nowhere to unload.

The holiday rush nearly doubled the mail coming through at the Memphis United States Postal Service processing center.

Some drivers took cat naps as they waited to unload Christmas mail. At one point, the line to unload regional Priority Mail was three miles long.

“This is the first time we’ve ever been backed up 12 hours,” said one truck driver.

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  • Celticsprite

    Gee, and I thought they bought all our pretty stamps to paper their walls!

  • Letter Carrier

    The postal service would be profitable if they closed just one facility… 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW Washington DC 20260

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Just goes to show you it takes Indians not Cheifs to move the mail. When will they ever learn?

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  • The Coach

    Baltimore is a mess too since they closed the processing center in Frederick Maryland. The people are up in arms over delayed mail, as they should be.

  • Scout

    Postmaster General, Patrick Donhoe, is not ready for Christmas this year. Way understaffed every where.Local PO are way to small to handle this years parcel load.Not enough clerks to sort the parcels.Non traditional employees in my office still only getting 30 hours. Good going USPS and APWU.

  • 99%

    Frederick Md PO is a mess.Having Baltimore take take over Fredericks Plant was a mistake.Why do this at Christmas Time ,the heaviest vlume of the year is now?Why did they not leave the mail processing equipment at Frederick Plant to see how it went?Well, it aint working, now they dont have a fall back option, and will never admit they F—-d up.Thier egos would never allow that.Heads should roll but wont.The 1% of the top Postal Management is never accountable.