Rural/Clerk ‘Dual Appointments’ to End in January

(12/16/11) After several months of discussion with the APWU, postal management has agreed to eliminate the use of “dually appointed” Rural Carrier Associates and Postal Support Employees (PSEs). In accordance with a letter dated Dec. 7 [PDF], the dual appointments will end no later than Jan. 13, 2012.

As a result, there are now no circumstances under which a Rural Letter Carrier or Rural Carrier Associate may be permitted to perform APWU bargaining unit work. Light mail volume would not justify it, nor would heavy mail volume or an emergency. RCAs are simply prohibited from performing Clerk Craft duties.

Eliminating the dual appointments, which were prevalent in small offices, will protect Clerk Craft work for APWU members.

via ‘Dual Appointments’ to End in January.

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