NALC contract talks extended into the new year

From the NALC:

The National Association of Letter Carriers and the U.S. Postal Service have agreed to extend the current round of contract negotiations until Jan. 20, 2012. The extension will allow the parties to continue to work on the important economic, health care, workplace and other contractual issues being discussed. “We are encouraged that progress is still being made and we want to take all the time necessary to reach an agreement that serves the interests of America’s city letter carriers,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said. “We are committed to achieving a win-win contract at this crucial time in the history of the Postal Service.”

via NALC | The National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO.

  • craft director

    That is what Guffey thought too. Do you read the news, Fred

  • Snap!

    Massive changes are planned for health care in the very near future so it will be impossible to reach a cogent settlement until it is known what coverage will ultimately be available and at what cost. Economic issues will be resolved when the agency achieves insolvency summertime 2012. Why not delay talks until May 2012? The agency will close all of the planned offices and plants as soon as the moratorium expires. The PMG consistently requests Congress strip away negotiated contract protections in order to save the agency. Are these talks necessary really?

  • hypenspin

    Too big to fail ?
    Just give us our working capital back and call it a bail out.
    No questions asked.

  • jo

    What the NALC must do is to bring up the fact that there are still too many in management with much too much downtime.This is to put the situation in the proper perspective when management tries to use us as scapgoats and cut our benefits.

  • LeLetter Carrier of Kingsport, TN

    I believe that our NALC President Frederic Rolando has a great vision. I believe we should stand behind, and support his cause. No one likes patience. In this era, we in deed need patience. Read the headlines, and be informed because we have been repreived. Mommentarily, good things will come out of this, only if we have HOPE!!!!! Remember, we are the National Association of Letter Carriers delivering a long detailed history. If it wasn’t for the Letter Carriers then the Postal Service could not guarantee their postage, right? We are dedicated, determined, motivated, and will continue to deliver. The Postal Service and the Letter Carriers are a part of our American Heritage. Benjamin Franklin once said, “If we do not hang together than we will hang separately.” Also, Senator Randolph stated,
    If the post office closes, the flag comes down, the human side of the government closes its doors, We’re in trouble.” 1958-1985 West Virgina Senator. Smart Man, maybe we should listen to our leadership. Be Patient…Be Still….No Aniexty…….We will deliver……………Remember, our leadership did take an oath……….A promise in time will be fullfilled. Committed Letter Carriers, We are!!!!!

  • common sense

    So craft director- what exactly do you suggest? If the NALC quits the bargaining table, an arbitrator will give you what the APWU got- is that what you want?

  • craft director

    I am just saying…. do not give concessions gained from previous contracts. The clerks gave up so much and management did not bargain in good faith. The PMG and his team knew what was coming and had no intention of keeping their word. And the NFTy positions have been done wrong throughout the country and is a total nightmare

  • Rick

    Does anyone know what we are asking for in this contract? I would like us to get a bump up in level pay. It kills me that the clerks are the same level as us! We do a heel of a lot more than they do!