Dennis Ross suggests PMG may have to go?

In an exchange on Twitter, Congressman Dennis Ross suggests that Postmaster General Pat Donahoe might need to be fired:

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@CEP_Observer won’t be modifying. PMG is trying to delay an deflect. First Brac management change may have to start at the top
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The “BRAC” referred to in the tweets is one of the new regulatory bureaucracies envisioned in the postal “reform” legislation proposed by Ross and his boss, Darrell Issa. In addition to adding a second regulatory commission to oversee the USPS, Ross and Issa want a commission similar to the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission to decide which postal facilities should close and which should remain open. Robinson’s tweet suggested that a BRAC was unnecessary, given that the USPS is already moving ahead with plans to streamline its network (much to the consternation of many of Ross’s colleagues, it should be noted).

But Ross was having none of it- without actually responding to the question, he said that he “won’t be modifying”. And then, somewhat gratuitously, he suggests that a BRAC might have to start “at the top”, meaning, presumably, the PMG. Ross and Issa are apparently not pleased that the PMG actually consulted with other members of Congress, and agreed to a moratorium on closings until May. In reality, the moratorium has little practical effect- the USPS is continuing all of the processes it must go through in order to close the facilities, and few would actually have been shuttered by May. What matters more to Ross and Issa is the fact that the moratorium, along with the likely extension to the pre-funding deadline, takes away the doomsday scenario (remember the ticking “countdown to default” clock on Darrell’s web site?) they hoped would help get their bill pushed through Congress.

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  • Snap!

    @Michael Arrabito – Exactly how does downsizing a bloated and failing USPS equate to damaging the United States? Perhaps you would be better served falling back on the tried and true method of filing a grievance and look to an arbiter for relief. But there may not be any more arbitration unless they agree to work for free as the agency is going broke. PAEA merely accelerated the process but PROFITABLE mail volume is dropping.

  • Shard

    The first and foremost thing is that, congress has to repay the overfunded retiree benifits and then try to see why in the first place this overpayment occured and prevent such faults in law making process

  • Shard

    mail volume drop was anticipated long before 2006 PAEA ACT, moreover the drop in volume took 2.1 billion away per yer (adjustment to manhours paid by usps was made accordingly to the tune of 1.9 billion), gas price increased that created a gap in profits/ loss too but did not cripple finances. the only driving force to kill the postal service to American people who need it at the most is “OVER charging Early funding retirement benifits”, now if the very existance of usps is in question why is the funding of 75 years in the future of retireess that important? “todays employess are tomorrows retirees, I thought”

  • BCR

    Maybe we need a commission to regulate Congressional pay and benefits. Pension and health insurance for life — after only serving one term in the Senate or two in the house — wow! Sounds a little wasteful to me! What do you thing, Ross and Issa? Have you considered that your pay is 100 % paid for by the tax payer while postal employees don’t take a dime of tax money? I know the likes of Ross and Issa don’t like to be inconvenienced by little annoyances called facts, but a good hard look in the mirror might give them a dose of humility.

  • craft director

    @Snap! Which level of management do you work. You obviously have no clue. Sounds like you just follow Donahoe’s line.

  • craft director

    No offense to our brothers and sisters in the clerk craft, but our PMG was a clerk. He moved his way up through the ranks having been trained by bigger incompetent boobs. He is failing in his responsibilities in running our business. When faced with a silent and do .othinv Congress, he falls back on his supervisory training…he caves or plays dead. As we all can see, he is over his head. But now he is dragging the entire company down with him

  • mr k

    Bye Bye donahue so glad when u r fired your ineptitude shows big time . Taking payooffs from big business will be his downfall. HE will thrive i guess carrying right coffee cup kissin the rigth ass isnt helping anymore ha donahue bye bye stupid . And to all the idiots business loking to rape the post office liek pitney bowes wont happen post office will live forever

  • pmgwhatajoke

    Donohog and all his cronies need to go… NOW!

  • reogurl

    Dennis Ross, please, go play your game on those who you can still fool. You an Issa will serve your last term while doing so.

  • Tom USPS

    I kind of thought the line of craft director. Donahoe has no leadership quality. He seems to turn 180 degrees. He first agrees with the contract and then is against it. He wants to close Post offices and plants without thinking. From comments of closed installations, I don’t hear good things. He has no planning skills. He should be fired. I am afraid who comes in next if Ross, Mack or Issa have any input.

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  • BCR

    Hey “Craft Director!” The issue isn’t Donahoe’s competence or incompetence. It’s Congress attempting to manage USPS from the top down and trying to dethrone a PMG because he acquiesced to a few Democratic Senators who suggested USPS delay plant closings until May. Don’t you get it? Ross, Issa, et al, they don’t like any of us. They want a privatized, de-unionized postal service where carriers and clerks make $15 with no pension, no collective bargaining, pathetic health insurance and so on. Ever stop and talk to someone who works for Fed Ex about working conditions? I have and what I heard was a rude awakening! Fed Ex is the model the tea baggers in Congress would love to shove down our throats. Good Night and Good luck!

  • Nutzy


  • patheticsh**

    H.R.3630 just passed in House and Senate:FERS who retire after 12/31/12 receive NO Soc.Sec.annuity Supplement until age 62.3-legged stool is now 2-legged stool for FERS retirees.F you Rep.Camp and all other aholes in the House and Senate that voted for this patheticsh** piece of legislation.

  • The Coach

    The problem with Issa, Ross, and the 2006 PAEA act is basic corruption. Hire an independant council to investigate and, as always, FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

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  • BCR

    Yes, the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. This law was passed by a lame duck Congress and signed by a lame duck President. What were the true motivations of the politicians who rammed this bill through? Absent such an independent council the truth will probably not be known. Who were the puppet masters manipulating the puppets? Were they trying to weaken or destroy the Postal Unions? Or to destroy USPS itself as a pretext for private entities to move in? Or was this political payback against the Unions who helped overturn Republican control of the House in the 2006 elections? Anyone know the truth or have any other insights?

    • admin

      There isn’t any big mystery about PAEA: it was the best deal available at the time for the USPS, which was being overcharged by $5.5 billion a year in CSRS contributions. (The overpayments are not disputed by anyone, including OPM- this was above and beyond the famous $75 billion.)

      Giving the money back, and stopping the overpayments was out of the question, since the way Congress counts, it would have increased the national debt- CSRS is on budget, USPS is off. So the law put the overcharges in a “trust fund”, and required the USPS to keep making them. That was fine in 2006, when the USPS was making a profit. That all changed when the recession hit.

      It had nothing to do with the unions- NALC thought it was a good deal, APWU disagreed. Management said it was a good deal, but when someone’s holding a gun to your head, what do you expect?

      So no conspiracy, no secret deals, just politics as usual- which is even more worrying than if there HAD been a big conspiracy!

  • BCR

    Yes, right you are that the NALC thought it was a good deal because I remember receiving emails from them urging us to call or write our Congressmen to ask them to support PAEA. NALC doesn’t talk too much about that little fact, nor do I like to think about the calls and letter I made to my own Congressmen urging them to support it! With the benefit of hindsight, NALC should have urged no action at all until the new Democratically controlled Congress took over. Thanks for your valuable insights. What a difference five years makes!