USPS agrees to moratorium on post office and plant closings until May 2012


From the USPS Industry Liaison: An agreement was made earlier today between the US Postal Service and multiple U.S. Senators to delay the closing of post offices and mail processing facilities until May 15, 2012. Please be aware that while facility closings will be delayed, the Postal Service will continue with all of the efforts necessary to fully review facilities previously announced as part of our study. As part of this review, we intend to continue to conduct both industry outreach meetings and public meetings. In addition, the Postal Service intends to continue with the rulemaking process and to participate in the service change proceedings before the PRC. It is premature to speculate on what we will do or when we will implement any changes to our service standards until these processes have unfolded.

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Moratorium Agreement Reached Between USPS and Senate Members

Today, at 3:00 PM Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Jon Tester (D-MT), Mark Begich (D-AK), Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) announced an agreement with the U.S Postal Service to impose a 5-month moratorium on the closing of postal facilities, including post offices. This suspension of closings and consolidations will extend through May 15, 2012. You may view the Senate press release announcing the moratorium by clicking on Senate Press Release. The USPS also issued a press release, which you may view by clicking on USPS Press Release.

The announcement comes in the wake of a letter authored by 22 Members of the Senate calling for the closing moratorium, pending the enactment of postal relief legislation. Yesterday, the Postmaster General and the Chairman of the Postal Board of Governors were summoned to Capitol Hill by Senator Durbin to meet with the signers of the letter, in part, regarding the impact of postal closings on service.

NAPUS applauds the efforts of the Senators.


  • cpttuna

    I wish the news people would report how something(though small) was finally accomplished. Who got off their dead ass and what caused this to happen?

  • Tina

    Where were the Massachusetts Senators??????

  • Snap!

    “Please be aware that while facility closings will be delayed, the Postal Service will continue with all of the efforts necessary to fully review facilities previously announced as part of our study.” i.e. the day the moratorium is lifted is the day the identified offices can be closed. This is simply an effective stratagem to divert attention and reduce pressure until the event actually occurs. Do you really think the Congress is going to cave in and provide anything it hasn’t given to this point?

  • Impacted

    ASHLAND, KY is in the process of being moved to Charleston, WV at the end of December. We are hearing, from upper level management, that this moratorium will NOT effect us and it is only for the 252 offices announced on September 15, 2011. Does anyone have any idea how accurate this information is? I’m sure there are many other offices in a similar situation as Ashland.

  • Mike

    Very few people understand that the USPS operates just like any other private company on the revenues that it generates from doing business. The issue is that the Post Office is constitutionally mandated, and regulated by congress to a flaw. If any other company could not maintain their network based on the revenues created, they would be allowed to structure their business as needed to maintain their customers needs. The USPS is held hostage by congress who are held hostage by union leaders.

  • moxie53

    This blog article from msnbc explains a lot about how the USPS got in such a $$ hole. Please read!!|a|nu|30|1|t|a|0=24