PMG and Postmaster Organization Presidents Agree to Re-open Pay Talks


Discussions Continue with Postal Headquarters on Voluntary Early Retirements (VERs) and Incentives for Retirement Eligible Employees

On December 6, 2011, NAPUS President Bob Rapoza and League President Mark Strong met with Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and agreed to re-open Postmaster pay talks. This agreement was reached in the midst of the selection of a fact-finding panel from a list of panelist received from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. If no agreement is reached by the January 27, 2012 deadline, the fact-finding process will resume.

Presidents of both Postmaster organizations continue to meet with postal leaders to request the establishment of a RIF-avoidance process that offers VER’s and incentives (including adding years of service) for retirement eligible employees. Every effort is being made to get this issue resolved by the end of this year. Additional information will be posted on the NAPUS website as soon as it becomes available.

For more on these two developing stories, please check President Rapoza’s Update.

NAPUS and League Presidents are scheduled to meet with legal counsel next week to continue discussions on how to proceed on renewing a complaint with the Postal Regulatory Commission concerning the Postal Service’s Final Rule, which became effective on December 1, 2011. The rule created changes to the PO-101, ASM, POM and ELM, which allows for the conversion of post offices to stations or branches. The rule also allows a post office to be staffed by someone other than a Postmaster and for Postmaster to serve in more than one post office. See details and chronology of events concerning the Final Rule decision by linking to the December 2, 2011 Breaking News story on the NAPUS website.

On December 10, 2011 Postal Headquarters issued a letter to all Area Vice Presidents, directing them to temporarily suspend all current or planned actions to convert post offices to stations or branches, until further notice. The directive also instructed field managers to stop any permanent staffing changes in post offices until instructions are distributed by Headquarters.

Charlie Moser

December 9, 2011

via NAPUS.

  • Scout

    Headquarter(should read “Rearquaters”) should get there heads out of their butts, we are sinking in parcels.This is the worst Christmas month ever.We need more clerks and carrier hour.This is totally insane what is going on in the USPS.

  • cpttuna

    the blind leading the blind.

  • Ann

    What is it gonna take for someone to realize that mgt is so incompetent and in over their head it’s not even funny!! Because no one else wants the supv job they give them to custodians, etc and they are clueless they are the reason the Po is in the shape we are in . I work for one right now I been there 30 yrs and this is disgusting . File a grievance get paid violate the same offense the next week get pd again what the hell ! Get rid of the mgrs replace them w group leaders and save alot of money and dismiss the incompetent mgrs immediately !!!

  • R P

    The USPS management is seemingly bent on destroying the USPS.

    The mainstream media is still pumping out lies about the origin of this crisis.

    Republicans want to destroy the postal unions.

    Republicans want never-ending crisis as part of their plan to hold onto power.

    Why haven’t the postal unions taken it directly to congress? Why play the same old games when the people on the other side of the negotiating table are untrustworthy and bent on your destruction? Why haven’t the postal unions made their case directly to the American people? Why haven’t you formed an alliance with Occupy? You should do so. Playing by the old rules will only lead to the destruction of the USPS, the unions, and the loss of your jobs. Nonviolent confrontation with the congressional leaders behind this plan, nonviolent confrontation with USPS management, those are the only paths that lead to the survival of the USPS, the postal unions, and your jobs.

  • elly

    Start from the top with the PMG and go down getting rid of overpaid management who don’t have a clue how it is in the real world on the workroom floor at a plant or station. And they don’t care because they are getting paid criminal amounts of money for mis-managing. (Group leaders is a great idea, Ann.)

  • elly

    @R P: Our Local is doing all of those things. I sure hope it helps because my plant is one scheduled to close and many jobs are at stake!

  • Snap!

    The PMG will simply agree with NAPUS proposals and then ask Congress to strip them away in order to save the agency. Why not, it worked with the crafts?

  • tony

    Scout, you are absolutely correct. If you have FEDEX by the balls squeeze. They are dropping every parcel in site on us. They are making Billions. Just say NO, and watch them quiver in their boots…but no, not us….We could double our profit on parcels Who else is going to deliver over 1000 parcels a week they drop at our dock??? DC, hellllooo, like usual the water their makes you go dahhhhhh