Video: Potential USPS changes could affect newspaper circulation

From WAOW TV Wausau, Wisconsin:

ABBOTSFORD (WAOW) — Potential postal service changes could mean some newspaper readers won’t see the front page until days after it’s printed.

TP Printing in Abbotsford sends 42,000 papers every week through the US Postal Service. With a proposal to end overnight shipping in the works, by the time readers get the paper, the news may not be so new.

“It’s a weekly but it needs to be known now. Not five days from now,” said publisher Carol O’Leary. “We need to be current. We try to be as current as possible.”

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  • M. Jamison

    The proposed changes would kill once a week county papers. These outlets are often the only media that report on local issues in rural and even suburban areas and are essential to their communities.
    My local paper comes out on Thursdays which fits nicely with county and municipal meetings. Under the proposed changes, even if Saturday delivery remains, it’s likely that the paper won’t be received until Monday. That delay probably kills the advertising model the publisher uses and makes the news seem even older. Changing delivery days only results in other problems.
    One of the reasons for a public post is for the dissemination of news and opinion in ways that enhance democracy. Even with the internet local print media is essential and valuable.