NALC: Reduced delivery standards will harm USPS

NALC President Fredric Rolando responded to the Postal Service’s announcement that it plans to reduce delivery standards with the following statement. “We are very concerned about the proposal to reduce delivery standards. High-quality service is essential to preserving the value of our networks and to any future growth strategy. Degrading standards not only hurts the public and the businesses we serve, it’s also counter-productive for the Postal Service because it will drive more people away from using the mail. Changes in service need to be part of a coherent business plan that takes advantage of new opportunities, such as delivering the items people increasingly order online. We urge the Postal Regulatory Commission to review the proposal carefully and act to protect the long-term viability of America’s Postal Service.”

via NALC | The National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO.

  • Scout

    No one is listening, so what Rolando has to say is not being heard.

  • bob komar

    donahoe MUST GO!What has this KLOWN and his CRONIES proposed to save the po except by cutting service, selliing tin ornaments at $24.99ea.If you want to run the po like a BUSINESS…YOU NEED REAL BUSINESSMEN IN CHARGE!CHECK out the EXORBITANT PAY and BENEFIT PACKAGE.. this KLOWN and His CRONIES get for RUNNING THE PO into the GROUND.. it is PUBLIC RECORD..I work for the po for 27 years and will be REAL LUCKY TO GET $24,000.00 per year and pay for my health care,WHAT WILL THESE MORONS GET?

  • Ainkur

    I hear Herman Cain might be available. Whatta ya say Herm?

  • georgeb

    usps closed 7 districts saved 1 billion a year close 35 districts save 5 billion a year leaving 35 districts same as ups

  • Wenatchee

    Hopefully someone in congress is listening
    They are the only ones who can stop this insanity
    Possible Harmful Effects of the Elimination of First Class Service for a First Class Stamp
    The drastic reduction of service associated with the consolidations is unnecessary and could cause harm as follows:
    *A first class stamp will be devalued by the loss of first class service
    *The proposal is a rate hike since local overnight delivery will now be at express rates
    *Workers, their families and communities will be devastated by loss/transfer of jobs
    *Checks, other income, and critical time-sensitive documents could be delayed
    *Individuals might not receive their medications when needed
    *Mortgage and other bill payments could be delayed causing late charges or worse
    *Election results could be negatively affected by the delay in mail
    *Small local businesses and non-profits could see further delay in their local mailings
    *Delay in service will be greater following a holiday
    *The delay in service problems will be even greater for those in rural areas


    NALC step up to the plate and push for evaluated routes!