USPS will no longer honor in-home delivery dates

The US Postal Service has advised mailers that it will no longer process mail based on mailers’ requested in-home delivery dates, but will apply its own service standards based on when and where the mailing is received:

November 29, 2011
RE: in-Home Delivery Dates

Dear Valued Customer:

As the Postal Service strives to become a leaner and more efficient organization, we are looking at every detail of our business and its impact on the level of customer service we provide. Some of our processes are contrary to the guiding principles the Postal Service must follow to be in compliance with our legal mandates.

One area of conflict has become processing mail based on in-home dates instead of our established Service Standards. This conflict has become more prominent as we have worked to establish our Performance Measurement reporting mechanism in accordance with the Postal Accountability Enhancement Act of 2006. This mandate also requires that we self report our performance against these Service Standards to the Postal Regulatory Commission.

To that end, a decision has been reached to process mail based on the following criteria: mail entry location; critical entry time (CET); mail type; and applicable Service Standard. We will no longer be able to stage and deliver mail using In-Home-Date windows. Accordingly, delivery performance will be driven by the appropriate Service Standard for the specific class of mail being entered and the location it is entered.

By following this policy, we are able to better align work methods and processes to ensure mail is processed and delivered in accordance with our published standards. We will continue to work with all customers to achieve delivery to meet their needs as allowed by the service standard being applied.

Mail Alerts will still be accepted by the Business Service Network or through the ADVANCE Notification and Tracking System to be published in the Postal Bulletin. We encourage you to continue to use these communication methods as it notifies our internal operations allowing them to allocate the proper resources for processing and delivery.

We are confident that all efforts will be made to achieve published service standards, as well as provide you with the service you desire and expect. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to your Business Service Network or postal contact.

Susan M. LaChance

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In-home Dates

  • bob komar

    usps is more leaner on the craft side ..MORE EFFICIENT? in who’s NIGHTMARE! Cut window staffing..customers wait 20 min in line!Cut delivery service! That’s the business sense that will put the po out of business..WHY is CONGRESS SO BLIND TO THIS? WHY IS THE PRESIDENT SO BLIND TO THIS!..WHO”S relative is in line to take over the money making part of the po? donahoe MUST GO! along with the KLOWNS that don’t have a clue! ie. issa, ross and MOST republicans!

  • bobbyjoe

    It has never (usps) met in home delivery dates here in Texas. Some sales I missed. But who’s to complain. Now they make it official. Geewhiz!

  • Cynthia Cox

    For years the USPS management, executives and the US political party have taken USPS employees,domestic and international customers, community infrastructures and every citizen for granted who has ever voted for political leaders and used USPS services! To bite the hand that feeds you is a slap in the face of those who stand in support of these important assets of our American heritage, structure, and community to everyone everywhere. USPS is allowed to discriminate, dominate, and not only is Congress letting them but they are following pursuit in a this nasty illustration of how horrible America has got and is getting. We are not moving forward in anything we are doing. Everything is falling by the wayside with Congress and USPS leading the demise of this nonsense. I hope someone wakes up soon before we, the customers, are the ones doing our own door to door delivery and transportations of letters, bills, mailings and sales papers. Without intervention of common sense, the USPS and our political system will bankrupt together and take America with it.

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