USPS to restrict attendance at MTAC meetings

It appears that the US Postal Service will be restricting attendance at its Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee meetings to industry insiders:

MTAC news: Susan LaChance announces MTAC attendance will b limited 2 members plus approved and invited guests of members. Is this new?
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Why keep the meetings private? Apparently to avoid the prying eyes (and ears) of regulators and legislators:

Limits on USPS MTAC attendance designed 2 restrict regulator attendance from industry mtg (PRC, Congr. Staff, etc) 2 encourage dialog.
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  • bob komar

    THE PO UPPER MGMT and A GOOD PORTION OF THE BOTTOM FEEDER MGMT(pm’s, supervisors and 204b’s) are the LEGALIZED MAFIA..only because of the GOV’T affiliation not because they have muscle! IN FACT IF the MOB ran the po we would be in the BLACK and the soldiers(craft) would be treated with more respect and dignity than we are now!