• john

    YES get rid of this moron donahue he is a total incompetent idiot who made it to the top laughing at the right jokes and carrying the right coffee cups in pittsburgh pa . This is typical in the postal service losers kiss asses relations make boss then have lunch 7 hours a day clean house they r bums complete idiot bums . ty fellow postal victims

  • bob komar

    99% is On THE Money!donahoe resign NOW! you and your cronies ideas of running the post office like a business is Selling greeting cards,ornaments and shopping bags..DELIVER the mail on time ..give your Carriers the TOOLS, Manpower..SERVE the public Staff your windows! YOU are WAY overpaid along with your cronies JUST TO BRING DOWN THE POSTAL SERVICE..

  • tvraniak

    The protesters are correct. Donahue and the balance of the VP’s that have supported the polices from HDQ for the last 10 years should also be gone! They have not managed the Postal Service in the interests of the US citizens, but in a manner to benefit themselves, friends and family members for the future. They went along with several Congressional changes, first in 1996, then again in 2006 hoping to push the USPS towards privatization. Donahue, when in charge of the Plant systems continued to build his “empire of plants”” knowing that changes were necessary in his area, but cuts were done in the Customer Service areas, affecting the Public to achieve his goals. It is time!

  • Karen Ardoin

    The Post Office needs to be re-nationalized, not operated like a business. Because we are mandated to deliver to every door in the country, we cannot act like a business. Is any other entity mandated to serve every household? I think not.

  • Dude

    Get some clerks on the window to service our customers. Ajust the carrier routes properly. Congress fix your manufactured crisis. Eliminate the prefunding. The PMG want to run it like a profitable business – why? Relaize the 99% consider the service just that a service.

  • Employee

    I agree!!!!