USPS warns customers about email scam: “USPS Delivery Failure Notification”

Postal Service customers take note — recently posted a warning about email scammers using the Postal Service’s name to access valuable personal information.

Customers being targeted receive bogus emails with subject lines containing the text: “USPS Delivery Failure Notification.” The emails claim to be from the Postal Service and contain fraudulent information about an attempted or intercepted package delivery. The emails instruct customers to click on a link to find out when they can expect delivery.

Clicking on the link activates a virus, which can steal personal information — such as usernames, passwords and financial account information — stored on the computer.

Customers should simply delete the message and take no further action unless they choose to report the email as spam by contacting

The email scam is similar to a telemarketing scam uncovered by the Postal Inspection Service in which fraudsters masquerading as USPS employees were phoning residents and requesting birth dates and Social Security numbers as requirements for package delivery (Link, 10/31).

Corporate Information Security Officer Chuck McGann offers these tips on spotting bogus emails:

  • The text contains poor grammar or spelling errors.
  • The text states immediate action must be taken or customer could face dire consequences.
  • The email requests personal information under the guise of re-confirming information.
  • The text from an “automated message system” states “Click on this link for details.”

Customers with questions about a delivery by the Postal Service should call 800-ASK-USPS.

via USPS News Link – Nov. 18, 2011.

  • JR

    Is the Iphone vulnerable? I clicked on it

  • ben dover

    yeah, well i opened the email. what do i do now???
    it asked me to download info. i tried but nothing happened.
    will the usps help me?

  • common sense

    Probably check your system to see if you got infected with a virus? Presumably you have anti-malware software installed? And no. the USPS won’t help you- the whole point of the story is that they didn’t send you the email!

  • Ron Foehrenbach

    This has been going on for weeks, when is the USPS going to investigate
    who is doing it?

  • tim norrell

    I opened it and it downed my hardrive, i was able to use my systems disk to get into system restore and restoring my comp did the trick now im runnin a full scan

  • SenorAzul

    If they catch these scammers, I suggest that they be executed at half-time during the Super Bowl on live Television. A nice shotgun blast to the head of these spammers would do the trick. The shot could be fired by the head of the USPS, or by the previous year’s Super Bowl MVP…….Or perhaps the winning coach…a few years of this and the spammers might desist a bit in their illegal endeavors. Just a thought.