Congress postpones USPS trust fund action (again)

Our hard working representatives in Washington have once again tackled the difficult problem of postal finances (a problem they created in 2006 with the creation of the PAEA trust fund), by putting it off for another month:

A weekend government shutdown that neither party wanted was averted when Congress approved a compromise spending bill Thursday…

The bill also would extend to Dec. 16 the deadline by which the ailing U.S. Postal Service must pay $5.5 billion to the Treasury for future retiree health benefits. Postal officials have warned they have no cash and would default on the annual payment, which was originally due Sept. 30.

via Congress OKs bill averting government shutdown – Times Union.

  • cpttuna

    JUST _ _ _ _ _ _ _ PATHETIC

  • Helen

    Destroy the social security supplement? The post
    office is responsible for 8.7 million jobs in this country.
    Most are non-union. If you destroy the Post Office which
    is a large part of our economy (buying and selling thru
    catalogs, printing, etc.), you have a really good chance that
    you will destroy the whole country. This is true especially
    at this juncture of economic stress.

  • crazy

    Elections right around the corner! Most in Congress are worried about their own jobs, nothing else! Thank you to those who are really,really trying to help the USPS by not just throwing any bill out there to make themselves look good!