Video: USPS employees nervous about possible Savannah center closing


The future of the United States Postal Service distribution center in Savannah is in serious doubt.

Employees found out Tuesday that a study was complete suggesting the facility be shut down and mail in Savannah be filtered through distribution centers in Jacksonville and Charleston. WTOC first reported the study’s findings Tuesday, as the livelihoods of more than 200 people are now in limbo

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  • M. Silva

    the employees are suffering, not just because the first class mail volume has declined, but are suffering of bad decisions, greed, and overstaffing management positions…now push come to shove, employees are living a nightmare… we don’t need 4 upper management positions to overlook a staff of less than 20 people on dayshift….this and other over staffing in much higher paying jobs have been going on for the 32 years I have been employed by the USPS and many years before that……