• Wake up

    Smoke and bull during contract talks while the Feds steal billions from us


    The so-called 1% speculate on derivatives,a 600 trillion $ global casino,for the most part unregulated ,this market is killing economies all over the world.high or low the 1% will survive ,the rest of us sink.

  • annie

    visit saveamericaspostalservice.org.. see how you can help

    don’t let anti-labor take our NATIONAL TREASURE away

  • hypenspin

    Prefunding retirees health care to 2075 is a double edge sword. First it takes away the existing working capital so that the postial service has to shrink down, while at the same time cover retiree benefits so when the business is sold,the government will not have to bail out future retiree accounts.
    This is where this is going
    It was a preconceived plan that started in 2006
    The political profiteers are lining up
    God help the great U.S.A.

  • crazy

    Great posts everyone,especially hypenspin whose response has been the best explanation yet