APWU: Are Those Posted Duty Assignments ‘Desirable?’

From the American Postal Workers Union:

The Collective Bargaining Agreement obligates the Postal Service to make “every effort” to create desirable duty assignments from “all available work hours for career employees” when management posts full-time Clerk Craft assignments for bid, Clerk Craft Director Rob Strunk is reminding union members.

“‘Every effort’ means just that,” he noted. “A local manager cannot be excused from the requirement to post desirable schedules simply because his boss or someone at the District level insists that all Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) duty assignments must be established with 35 hours per week or less,” he said.

“All available work hours” also means just what it says, Strunk notes: All work hours – including overtime, hours worked by Postal Support Employees (PSEs), hours worked by part-time flexibles from other offices, and cross-craft hours — must be considered when management creates new NTFT assignments. The contractual language clearly requires management to consider “all available work hours,” not “earned hours,” which are generated by management computer models.

But what are “desirable duty assignments?” It is easy to surmise that an assignment with five 8-hour days and weekends off is more desirable than five 6-hour days with split days off. But are four 10-hour days more desirable than five 8-hour days?

Ultimately, the question of desirability will be answered by members of the Clerk Craft. Each time employees choose to bid — whether by computer, telephone, or through the manual bid box — they are telling management and the union what they consider “desirable duty assignments.”

  • Scout

    There are no desirable job bids in the PO.As people retire the PO just simply dissolves the good jobs and post crap hours with crap days off.The NT jobs are posted with max 6 hours a day, 6 days a week,no day off, and a hour lunch.If you call this desirable then you are sadistic.Sorry APWU but you have not been doing a good job for the members.I bet you have a back log of grievances from this wonderful contract that has baffled all APWU members.

  • Roe

    i agree. it is sickening how these clerks are treated.
    we have 2 in my office 10 & 12 years of good service.
    don’t know what is worse the mismanagment or the
    union at this point. you think it can never get worse and
    here we are worse off than ever…….very upsetting.

  • franklin

    Maybe the complaining APWU members should have bothered to actually read the proposed contract before voting for it. Many people tried to warn you.

  • Scout

    franklin, if you read the contract that was put before us they wrote about 40 hour jobs at 10 hours a day or possible 44 hour a week jobs at 5 days, not 30 hour a week jobs six days a week.The new NT jobs where also to have two consecutive days off.So please don’t tell me I didn’t read the contract that was put before us.What has happened to the clerks is not what was in the new contract that I read.So tell me who is breaking the contract the USPS or the Union.Did the Union lie or are they just letting the USPS pull this stunt off without doing anything about it.

  • Roe

    I agree Scout. I have been doing this for a long time.
    I never thought the union would sell the employees
    out as they have…..i agree that the union did know
    what was coming and lied….to be continued….

  • choggo

    Still making fun of Mr. Burris ??