DOJ says USPS has to continue FERS overpayments

You can’t blame all of the USPS’s problems on the Republicans- according to Postcom, the Department of Justice has ruled that the USPS needs to continue overfunding its Federal Employee Retirement System account. The USPS had stopped making payments based on undisputed data showing that the account had already been overfunded by $6.9 billion. Bipartisan legislation in the Senate would have returned the money to the USPS- now the Obama Administration is telling the USPS to keep the cash flowing, regardless- makes you wonder whose side they’re on!

DOJ ruled not in favor of #USPS stopping FERS payments. USPS must pay balance and begin biweekly payment starting early December 2011.
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  • cpttuna

    I would tell the DOJ where to go and how to get there. You can bring this problem to a head by simply not paying.

  • commonlaw

    I guess thsy need the money to by more guns to send to Mexico……

  • ET

    At this point anyone who belives that the Democrats are our allies have substituted reality for fantasy.

    The cash cow for congress lives at L’Enfant Plaza…which by the way stands for “The Place of Children” in French.

  • David

    Remember this when Obama asks for money next year.

  • Grannybunny

    They’re proposing to return the overpayment to us — over a 2 year period of time — and there was the threat that FERS employees would not receive service credit for the periods of time for which payments were not made.

  • craft director

    Neither the Republicans nor the Administration have a clue. They are spending money we haven’t given them yet.

    My COPA allotment was stopped TODAY.

  • ET

    I stopped union dues and COPA a month ago!
    All that spending Bush did(..that Obama voted for, so he inherited exactly what he voted for) and what the current clown has run up is absolutely breath taking.
    They(Congress) cannot do without our money…they are running us into the ground while whipping the weak minded democrat voters into a republican hate fest while jamming the knife in our backs, at the same time collecting union dues.