Congress kicks the can down the road again

According to Federal Times, our representatives in Washington have come to yet another hard fought compromise on the USPS- they’ve agreed to wait another month before doing anything. The paper says a deal has been struck to allow the federal government (including the USPS) to exist for another couple of weeks while they figure out how they can make the most of the crisis they have created. That’s their job now, apparently.

The agreement would:

Defer a legally required $5.5 billion “prepayment” by the U.S. Postal Service for retiree health care, this time until Dec. 16. That payment was originally due Sept. 30; USPS officials say they don’t have the money to cover it.

So, in a nutshell, Congress has decided to defer for a few days the unique obligation that Congress placed on the USPS, knowing that the USPS has no way of satisfying that obligation, solely because of restrictions Congress has placed on the USPS.

Democracy in action!

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  • crazy

    The government doesn’t have the overfunding of benefits money that the USPS wants some of because the government has already spent it. Thanks to GWBush and the lame duck Congress in 2006 passing the prefunding law. The USPS was always a cash cow for the government, and they used this law to take the money the USPS has paid for prefunding for employees 75 YEARS in advance (5.5 billion/year) and spent it! But when the USPS asks for help, most of Congress turns the other way and is trying to destroy the USPS!

  • Scout

    Thanksgiving is a week away and we wouldn’t want congress to over work themselves.They need a whole week off for the holiday while the rest of us slaves just keep working mandatory OT because they can’t get it right.