Ed Schultz Talks to USPS Letter Carrier Who Was Screamed at By Rep. Joe Walsh

Ed Schultz talked to USPS letter carrier and Rep. Joe Walsh constituent Melissa Rakestraw about her encounter with Walsh at a recent meeting he had where he basically melted down and started screaming at Rakestraw and some of the others who were unfortunate enough to be attending that event.

via Ed Schultz Talks to USPS Letter Carrier Who Was Screamed at By Rep. Joe Walsh | Video Cafe.

  • Jack

    She should replace Walsh in Congress. It just shows the hubris of the Ruling class. Uninformed and willing to spit into the wind regardless of which way it’s blowing. Please make sure his opponent uses this video in the election next year.

  • Griff

    This guy Walsh is an ignorant jerk.

  • Haywood Jablome

    If that SOB would have screamed at me, it would have been that last words he ever uttered.

  • City Carrier

    This is a typical reaction from a republicon that has been bought and payed for by the banking/financial industry! Rep. Walsh is a political whore just doing what he is being paid to do! There’s no reasoining with these people, no debating, no discusing facts, these people are willing to throw us under the bus for their political gain! If you are a postal/federal employee, and you vote republican, you are cutting your own throat

  • Steve Pinkham

    This, in a nutshell, is what we are dealing with in Congress!!! And these people pass legislation that affects our jobs and lives. Anybody with an incumbant designation next to their name should be voted out of office. Period end of sentence.

  • hypenspin

    to Joe Walsh:
    this is not your grandfather and grandmothers postal service
    we are a hard working group.you do not have a clue of what we do. For instance there are two family Holidays coming up and we are out in the dark working while you are reading bedtime stories to your children. And yes, if you could give us back the money that is ours we will blow the competition away. We are a non profit organization.
    The Reagan administration at least waited till we made a profit before they took our money.
    The Bush administration took our working capitol.

  • hypenspin

    sorry, “CAPITAL”

  • commonlaw

    Isn’t this the deadbeat that owes something like thousands in child support……I’d be mad too, who voted him in!

  • cpttuna

    I do not understand why every incumbent is not voted out of office come election time.

  • jim young

    bottom line any one who works or is supported by someone who has a job in the federal government needs to vote democrat.. not perfect but wow compared to what these republicans are doing.. oh and hey you rednecks who think immigrants are the problem you and your poor and stupid friends and your idols the rich and greedy are really to blame..

  • city carrier2s

    I wonder which private corporation he was stupping for. You can bet ups and fedex will be knocking at this idiots door and of course like the greeding and self centered attitude in washington he’ll have his hand out. Ignorance is bliss when you think you dont have to answer to anyone. PLEASE people of Illinios vote him out

  • moxie53

    If Melissa had been a man, Walsh would never had taken such an insulting stance while talking(yelling) at her. Not only do they not care about public employees, they have very low regard for women. He is an ignorant person and does not deserve to be in public office. HEY, he’s a public employee!!!Does that mean he doen’t care about himself having a job????

  • Julie Singh

    It was interesting to hear Rep. Walsh revealing his real self instead of hiding behind his smiling public personna. Wish more of “our” Congressman would get caught out like this. I was sorry Melissa failed to inform him that we are not public sector employees, but I was proud at how well she kept her cool and responded to his tirrade.

    @Haywood Jablome: Please please consider your words more carefully before you vent threats on a public forum.



  • Ricardo James

    Ed, correction they are not called Republicans, it is called one foolish legislator who does not care about Federal workers and does not do his homework before putting his mouth into gear.