Mandatory Overtime to End Soon for Many APWU Represented Empolyees

Beginning Nov. 23, 2011, mandatory overtime will end for many APWU-represented employees.

In accordance with the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement, full-time regular career Clerk Craft and Motor Vehicle Craft employees who work in an installation and functional area with Non-Traditional Full-Time assignments cannot be required to work overtime (except in an emergency), unless they are on the Overtime Desired List. If just one clerk in any station or branch occupies a NTFT duty assignment, clerks working in Function 4 throughout the installation cannot be required to work mandatory overtime unless they are on the OTDL. If only one clerk in mail processing occupies a NTFT duty assignment, then no non-OTDL clerks in Function 1 can be required to work mandatory overtime.

There is no “December exception” for this mandatory overtime prohibition.

“Emergencies” are defined in Article 3 as, “An unforeseen circumstance or a combination of circumstances which calls for immediate action in a situation which is not expected to be of a recurring nature.”

via Short-Term Relief, Long-Term Damage: Senate Panel Approves Postal Legislation.

  • cpttuna

    Take it from someone who has been around. You would be amazed at what some managers would deem emergency situations.

  • john

    The biggest emergency is managements lunch time . dont get me wrong this is a tough decision taking hours to figure out and they do deserve that beacause they work very hard for 8-12 minutes a day . Dump the trash save money cant do that though they r all donahues little puppets what a joke they r a disgrace to any work force

  • Steve

    3 years of mandatory OT for carriers still occurs. If we go to 5 day ,OMG it’ll never end~ I haven’t been on the OTDL for 3 years and make penalty time every week. Management, has lied and broken contract on Clerks for years, why would this one be different?

  • Richard

    This article is so out-of-touch with what it’s like on the workroom floor it’s amazing. As management continues to unilaterally devise new staffing methodologies for the sole purpose of reducing employees, more and more offices will be GROSSLY understaffed. The more understaffed an office is, the more management abuses the word “emergency”. As long as the ELM contains the “obey now, grieve later” language, non-ODL people WILL continue to be forced into mandatory overtime by “emergencies”, and since there’s no remedy in the JCIM for the non-ODL employee who’s had hours or days of their life stolen from them, what’s the point of filing a grievance, other than to put even more money in the pocket of the poor “oppressed” ODL employee who “only” got to werk 54 hours that week? Plus, where does this language “trump” the “operational window” language that’s still in the contract? It doesn’t. PLEASE stop trying to tell APWU employees that our new contract is so great.

  • scott

    This is more bullcrap. Blowing more and more smoke up our collectives butts. The contract is broken EVERY single day in my station. The union simply says “well that’s just how it is now.” They pile more and more work on the carriers with less and less time to deliver mail. The clerks keep losing bids by attrition. We are running a skeleton crew now. If someone calls in sick or is on vacation, the entire place goes to hell. Meanwhile…I see our supervisor (1 of 2 not counting the mananger), sitting at the computer screen looking at e-mails and talking on her personal cell phone. WAKE UP donaho!!!! If you REALLY want to save billions, trim the fat. Get rid of these lumps of waste. Stop all this scan crap and stop all this telecon bull. WAKE UP and smell what you’re shoveling.