NALC calls S. 1789 “A job-killing bill that will dismantle the Postal Service”

Nov. 9, 2011 — NALC is bitterly disappointed with the legislation reported out by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee today. The bill, S. 1789 (the 21st Century Postal Reform Act of 2011), would cause irreparable harm to our nation’s Postal Service. It perpetuates the misguided policy that places pre-funding future retiree health benefits above the viability of a network that serves 150 million American households and businesses six days each week—a classic case of “killing the Post-Office in order to save it.”

No other agency or firm in America is required to pre-fund retiree health benefits, and forcing the Postal Service to do so will not only endanger the quality of mail service but threaten tens of thousands of good postal jobs. In addition to the loss of these direct jobs, the Postal Service sits at the core of our nation’s $1.3 trillion mailing industry, supporting 7.5 million private sector jobs. These jobs are threatened as well.

By phasing out door-to-door delivery for 40 million American households and allowing the elimination of Saturday delivery service, additional volume would be driven out the system, sparking a death-spiral from which the Service could not recover.

The misguided bill fails to address the real cause of the Postal Service’s financial woes—the unique burden to massively pre-fund future retiree health benefits. Indeed, it may actually increase the level of pre-funding from the present level of $5.5 billion per year. Nor does it address the massive over-funding of the Postal Service’s civil service (CSRS) pensions.

The nation’s letter carriers will fight this disastrous bill and vigorously advocate alternative ways to cut costs and promote growth in the Postal Service.

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  • crazy

    Congress is dancing around the idea of returning overfunding because they spent all the money

  • Uh Oh

    Totally agree! Work to reject this legislation in favor of the Issa bill currently under consideration in the House! LOL

  • Frank

    It’s far less painful than Issas’ bill. It’s time to get real. There is less and less business. That’s the bottom line. The business is dying. Shipping beer and wine? Give me a break. How about selling it at rock bottom prices.

  • Leander M. Kuszak

    Section 104 of bill #1789 would restructure the Postal Services’ prefunded retirement health payments. The bill would immediately begin a 40 year amortised payment schedule for the Postal Service to fund retirees’health benefits. It would also reduce the pre-funding goal for retiree health benefits to 80%.

    I have been a letter carrier for 28 years. I have read bill 1789 in its entirety. It is the first bill to take on the real problems with the Postal Service and it isn’t the elusive 55 billion out there somewhere for the Postal Service to snatch up.

    Making tough decisions takes a certain amountof sacrifice from all of us. Don’t follow others blindly without geting the entire picture. Make your own decisions based on all the information.

    I support “The 21st Century Postal Service Act” (1789). Please read the bill and act on your own beliefs as to what needs to be done, not what you wish would fix the problem. Thank you.

    Leander M. Kuszak
    Grand Island, NE

  • Helen

    I read article that more than 50 percent of Congress people
    are millionaires. Issa’s worth increased 37 percent to
    220 million from 2009 to 2010. Check it out:

    They’ve stolen the USPS profits, want more, want more, want more, want more….

    Oh, did I repeat myself.

  • Leander M. Kuszak

    I have been a letter carrier for 28 years. I have read bill #1789 in its entirety. It is the first bill to take on the real problems with the U.S. Postal Service and that includes the prefunding of future healt benefits for reitrees. I support the bill because it isn’t all about me, It’s all about saving the U.S. Postal Service.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Wonder where they are going to say all the money went when they have to tell the truth?