Dennis Ross invents new math to explain why USPS is “bankrupt”

Congressman Dennis Ross apparently doesn’t like it when people bother him with facts about the US Postal Service. Dennis and his boss, Congressman Darrell Issa, have decided that the USPS needs to be dismantled, and he isn’t about to let a silly elitist concept like reality get in the way of his tea-bagger ideology:

RepDennisRossDennis Ross
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@TnRuralCarrier sure, but losses now exceed prefunding and will continue to. w/or w/o prefunding USPS is bankrupt! That is a fact.
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Hmmm… so according to Dennis, “losses now exceed prefunding”?

Oh really?

At the end of Fiscal Year 2010, the total in the “prefunding” trust fund was $42.5 billion. At the same time, the total “net deficiency” for the USPS since it was created was $13.9 billion. The “net deficiency” includes all operating profits and losses, including the prefunding.

All of which, to those of us who use mathematics to calculate these things, means that the USPS, without the prefunding requirement, would have a cash balance of $28.6 billion. But the idea that a government run enterprise could be running a profit is anathema to true believers like Dennis.

And true believers like Dennis aren’t about to let the facts get in their way.

Oh- and how did Dennis respond on Twitter to the person who dared to question his denial of the facts?

He blocked him.

Update: Congressman Ross has responded to our post- not with facts, but with hashtags:

  • Scout

    Rep Dennis Ross is not worthy of the hard working employees time.He is a worthless politician that does not know what slavery the employees are being put through at this time.We work in filthy buildings and under constant tension.As he sits at his cherry desk, with carpeted clean floors,clean bathrooms,free lunches,benefits fit for a king, us USPS employees keep the mail moving all the while his lips are flapping.IF the citizens of this country let him get away with what he would like to do us, they will be the ones in the long run that will pay the price.Longer lines at window, delayed mail and further rides to find the nearest post office.So let us see what becomes of the employees future and the future of the Americans mail.

  • te

    Republicans are going to have help in the next elections. This kind of no solutions and its all the workers fault attitudes are going to sink them in future elections. Ill definitely donate my hard working money to help make sure get people in office that ideas and make this country better. Its like they are blind to what is starting to happen and that is the people fed up!

  • craft director

    I live in this congressman’s district. He doesn’t know the difference between posturing and lying.

  • Underdog

    What I’d really like is to meet the idiots who would actually vote for this simpleton.

  • Just saying…

    I too had a discussion going on with Cong. Ross on Facebook concerning the “outrageous” (his word) pensions federal employees get.
    When I posted actual figures on my actual FERS pension, his response was to unfriend me (Facebook way to block someones comments).
    Way to man up Dennis.

  • Grubby

    Scout is spot on!! USPS employees have to deal with unhealthy working conditions on a daily basis.On top of this,we also have to deal with late transportation of the mail and later and later final pulls.Our PDF was recently located.Before,we had final at 9 A.M. or before.Now,it’s 11 A.M.or later.But the USPS will save a couple of bucks by shuttering the old PDF.Guess they didn’t count on all the OVERTIME they now have to pay carriers and clerks.Penalty overtime is a DAILY occurance!! Granted,Mr.Ross really does not have a clue about the USPS situation.But neither does the USPS!!

  • John

    Craft Director…I also live in Ross’s district and NO I did not vote for him. Underdog…according to “statistics” which are as we all know by now…unreliable…Polk County FL supposedly has more Democrats registered than Republican and a fair amount of Independents…but Republicans usually win here, go figure. Not that the Dems are any better but “perhaps” would be better overall for Postal Workers…

  • Fed Up

    How is it that the health insurance for Dennis Ross is the best money can buy and will sustain him for the rest of his life as will his pension for having been a legislator. For exactly what service to humanity? And for how long? The best defense is a good offense. Way to go Denny.

  • crazy

    Ross is nothing but a puppet for millionaire Issa and it shows with these tweets that he really doesn’t know anything about the USPS situation as a whole. Wonder what Issa is giving Ross because they are the only 2 sponsors of Issa bill HR 2309, one that hopefully gets destroyed quickly. There are elected officials in Congress that really want the USPS to succeed the right way. HR1351

  • craft director

    John… I didn’t vote for Ross either. But there are many in our ranks that did. I was at his office in Lakeland the day of the rally but he wasn’t there. I have engaged him on Facebook but he continues to be dishonest. I plan on working hard to ensure that he is one and done.

  • Benny

    Hmm , Amazon spending billions to build , while Po abandons…

  • Duke

    Keep in mind that Downahole is secretly is partnering with Pitney-Bowes and Evergreen to build off site sorting facilities and has started the pilot program with UPS to process Non-Machinable parcels in the Chicago District as part of his plan to outsource the processing of mail and most of the retail end.

  • I give up

    Big mail is getting exactly what they want . They have lobbied hard and helped get their supporting politicians elected with a view to keeping their rediculously low illegal subsidized rates. They don’t care if the postal service collapses and becomes a low wage , no benefit ,part time work force so long as they continue to profit.

    • common sense

      “Subsidized”? Who’s subsidizing “big mail”? The USPS doesn’t get taxpayer money, so it isn’t the taxpayer. The USPS is supposedly making money if you exclude PAEA, so it can’t be borrowing to cover the “subsidy”. First class rates in the US are, to use your word, “rediculously” low- lower than any other major country, so it isn’t first class customers.

      So what is this “subsidy” you’re whining about, and who is financing it?

      • I give up

        Learn how to read. No where does my post state say a word about first class mail. It says big mail which as discussed on this site numerous times refers to the bulk business mail industry. As stated by current PMG Donahoe himself that industry receives 14-18 $BILLION annually in discounts which is subsidized by inflating the price of first class and premium mail services. So I guess the PMG was mistaken? I have read your post before and they are always argumentative and non factual. You will follow your patternand rant some more in response to this post as you always do with more statements that the other party , in this case me, never made and with additional fictional statements. Go ahead I won’t respond.

        • common sense

          Learn how to think straight. First you tell us that you’re not talking about First Class, and then in the very next sentence, you say that the alleged “subsidy” comes from “inflating the price of first class”.

          So which is it?

          Now go back and read my original reply- “First class rates in the US are, to use your word, “rediculously” low-
          lower than any other major country, so it isn’t first class customers.”

          How can first class mail be “subsidizing” bulk mail when first class prices in the US are lower than any where else in the world?

          That’s a pretty simple question, but the answer is obvious- and that’s why you won’t answer it.

          Oh, and maybe you can provide a link to where the PMG made that statement? No, you can’t.

          I don’t rant- I state facts. If you have evidence to refute my facts, post it. You don’t. That’s why you won’t respond.

          • Yourapieceofwork

            Thank god I don’t have to work in your office

    • JBM

      You are absolutely correct. As I’ve tried to explain before, the USPS loses money on every piece the bulk business mail industry puts into the system. They pay less than it costs to process and deliver their “junk mail”, and most people DON’T WANT any junk mail!! Most postal employees are still receiving the higher wages (and benefits) of the 40+hours/week postal jobs of the past when the mail they were processing was mostly First Class mail and delivering it everyday to every address was important to the customers and profitable to the USPS. Today the actual work is just as physically demanding, but there’s no profit when the majority of the mail delivered is unwanted advertising. Many of the new carriers don’t last very long. It’s probably more difficult to care about doing a good job when it’s blazing hot or freezing cold if they’re only getting half the pay, no benefits, with no bright future to look forward to. Especially when they’re just delivering junk mail that they know will go directly into the trash.

  • nosolutions

    So USPS has LOST more than 20+ BILLION dollars and now they want to cut back with good reason, but their the bad guys? Granted they should be getting rid of slack employees before anything as there are many of them. There is lots of waste that could be cut (10 people to fly to a different plant in another state, hotel, food, drinks and it takes 10 people) , people getting paid to do nothing, etc. But we won’t be seeing that with tenure. So what can they do? Merge facilities is a good start. How else can they possibly cut back THAT much? That’s A LOT of money. If they make money then you’ll see more jobs, better wages. Until then, they need to re-arrange everything so they don’t collapse. It’s not my job nor would I want it, I’m sure there are many bad apples too, but it is what it is, they need to cut before they fall. What is the Union’s suggestion? They seem to complain but I don’t see their solution. If there is no money how are they going to pay the workers? Common sense.

    • JBM

      You are absolutely right. As a 30+ year postal employee and union member from the first day, I can tell you that the union stewards spend most of their time protecting the slackers in our processing facility, although they are usually not members. When I worked in letter processing, almost daily, my crew would be told to slow down to save mail for the next shift to process, then later I’d see those people sitting on or behind the idle machines, on their phones, reading magazines, sharing food or (I’m not kidding) shelling peanuts to eat. Then, again almost daily, these same people would stay (I can’t accurately use the word “work”) for OT in the parcel sorting area, where the actual volume is. Not too long ago we were told that our facility would be handling more parcels and that our jobs and future were secure, but now we’re on “the list” to close in January, 2015. Did someone finally do the math?

  • A Retired Mail Handler

    I’m saddend that more postal facilities will be shuttered in 2015. Service standard will continue to spiral downward. Many postal employees will retire or resign before the optimal time. Others will be forced to relocate, if they want a postal job. I wish th best for the employees of the USPS, especially those who will and have been affected negatively.