New web site offers USPS properties for sale

From USPS News Link:

USPS has listed 90 commercial properties and 36 land parcels with a commercial real estate broker. Sale of these properties by broker Caldwell Banker will generate much-needed capital for the Postal Service.

“The Postal Service fully recognizes and supports the need to maintain a facility network that provides maximum levels of efficiency,” said Tom Samra, vice president, Facilities.

Samra said USPS real estate holdings are a valuable yet underutilized asset, adding there are numerous costs associated with maintaining surplus buildings. These costs are necessary to maintain their value, keep them in marketable condition and protect the safety of the public.

Now that the properties have been listed for sale, the Postal Service can reduce or eliminate these costs, as well as produce cash for the organization. Last year, USPS realized (insert amount) in sales of its real estate holdings.

Click here for a listing of the properties for sale.

via USPS News Link – Nov. 7, 2011.

(Note: yes, the News Link article actually does say “Last year, USPS realized (insert amount) in sales of its real estate holdings.”)

  • Nalc

    Go to 5 days and offer the buyout to carriers. Many are chomping at the bit!

    • Geezer

      Why are some of you so hell bent on giving away business? 5 day will not happen. Quit and you have zero days!

      • Bob Abu

        I guess you are not a working carrier or else you would know the job has become incredibly difficult and we are getting too old to handle all the bullshit. while carrying the lard ass management on our back. You are correct if it goes to 5 days it won’t be better and it will only lead to even more cutbacks for remaining employees. But all of the management cutbacks have led to a reduce in volume – taking away the stamp vending machines in the lobby and replacing them with nothing, later delivery times killed the newspaper delivery and management is now destroying the periodical delivery – no one knows when they will get their magazines now. And the mail is getting later to the routes because we have fewer mailhandlers and have to bring mail to the route ourselves now, doing additional work once done by others. But there is no stopping them, so what can you do but leave on the best terms possible.

        • Geezer


          You replied to my post with a poor me rant. Sorry. I missed your point.

          • Bob Abu

            We are not giving away the business, it’s being done by management, all we can do is mitigate our own losses.

  • White Hair

    I am a happily married ex-mailman who will rail against my former employer ’til the cows come home. I have said previously the Postal Service took my body away and I have blamed my mental fogness on the postal. I have said my career = the Postal Service, ’nuff said.
    That is all well and good but as some poster has stated me in the past, i must, at some point own my life.

  • Old Blue!

    If you don’t realize it the Postal Service is getting to where it wants. Get rid of all the high wage (experienced) earners, and hire T.E.’s and Temps to move the mail. Who is going to man the windows, when all those window clerks check out? The bow of the ship is under water.

  • White Hair

    Why leave the dump? Government job – 27 dollars an hour as a regular carrier and very good benefits that are impossible to find these days except in law enforcement or fire department.
    Forget the atrocious management – ignore them and get in tight with the union.
    The management are useless here and can do nothing to us – there are no standards as long as you look like you are working. Bring the extra mail back after 8 hours or if you really want to make dough ( 40- 54 dollars an hour), get on the overtime list.
    Don’t let the turmoil get to you. There is no chaos and no fear of layoff after 6 years.
    Slow down and smell the roses! Someone has to pay our bills even if we can’t anymore. Congress has to pay us and we cannot be forced to retire no matter how slow or feeble we are. Boss, I can only do 2-3 blocks. Alright, fine or as I used to say “How much overtime do you need? two-three? You better watch it, you are getting into va-hee!
    Achin heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee. Soak ’em baby.
    Alfred T. Mailpot

  • jim

    Free at last, free at last thank God almighty i`m free at last!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    The PMG is sending a message to Congress. “It’s about they make a decision”.

    • 30 yearman

      So True!

  • Mmm

    He tries to get something done. Congress does not like that.

  • doug

    5 day is here to stay go cry senators this issue of losing money has been going on for years they need the cuts eliminate saturday delivery and i really wish reduce management

  • RS

    Bye, bye five days, hello day six. Preserve jobs!

    • damailman

      Go pound sand RCA crybaby…go get a real job of more than one day a week!

  • Real Rural Runner

    Save 6 day delivery. No retreat. Save the Post Office and our Future. And our Jobs…….even the jobs of the morons that are too stupid to understand 5 day is the beginning of the end.

    • damailman

      Your one day a week job is over sugartit! Walmart is hiring!

      • Real Rural Runner

        DA moron………..

  • mailman

    Bla bla bla, another blowhard politician flapping his big mouth when someone else finally made a decision that they have ignored for years. Go back to making fried chicken Colonel Sanders!!!

  • A Mail Handler

    It appears that the Senate is meddling again with Postal operations. If PMG Donahoe sayes the USPS will save $2 Billion dollars a year by not deliverying mail on Saturday, so be it! Otherwise, the Senate should just pull out $2 Billion dollars from the hat through pork barrel spending providing it still exits..
    Second, this is old hat. Mr. Donahoe has been talking about 5-day delivery for some time now. Were the Congressional leaders listening? Congress has also nixed money making items that would possibly hurt their supporters, e. g., copying machines, selling coffee and phones, banking, secure billing, etc. There’s lots of floor space with downsizing. Rental space and percentage of profit would help bring in much needed cash.
    Bottom line is that I’m dumbfounded by the antics of some in both chambers of Congress. I believe it’ll be tough for the USPS to survive financially with the influence/interference from both chambers fo Congress.

  • Mike Stanton

    Remember, this plan is coming from the same person who thought FSS would be the answer ( 2011- FSS. Resulted in $1.3 bill in lost productivity) Donahoe”s philosophy is “if it doesn’t work, do twice as much “. Simply put, another ill-concieved plan

  • DeadmanWalking

    Reading the comments on here, no wonder management runs all over the unions. Now for my comment….4 day all the way, enjoy your 3 days off! Sun, Tue, Thur., it’s coming next!

  • PleaseDoSomething

    Dear Senator. Stop writing letters about what the PMG can or cannot do. Do your job. If you and your fellow letter writers had done your job months ago regarding postal reform, we would not be in this predicament. Gotta love our goverment, do nothing and complain complain complain…..a Current Rural Carrier

  • doug

    4 or 5 day delivery will b next

  • doug

    5 day is here and 4 day is coming soon

  • Jean Poulin

    It is amazing. The PMG makes a move( right or wrong) suddenly we hear from all the Senators and Congressman. The bill sat on the Speaker of the Houses’s desk for most of last year to correct this problem. But instead f Congress chose to do nothing and filibuster the problem till the next term to see who was elected. Now it is our turn to contact your Congressman and tell them they have a job to do and stop taking vacations. They not only have to properly attack this problem but all the problems this Administration has brought to this Country of OURS, Time to ring some phones and knock on some doors and tell Congress we are aware of their do nothing attitude and WAKE UP and save the FREE COUNTRY …..

    • Jon Ulm

      true. During the past couple of years we have heard that the postal service is going to run out of operating money in ____ (usually 4 or 5 months down the line). That date comes and the postal service continues to operate. Possibly those in Congress decided that there truly was no crisis and doing nothing was acceptable.

      Mr. Donahoe must have decided to get their attention a different way. It seems to have worked.

  • 30 Yearman

    Just FIRE this jerk. His only goal is to have this place go private.
    No way to grow the company only cut, cut,cut,

  • Postmaster

    Why cut out Saturday mail delivery when the carriers still have to come in and deliver packages. Might as well deliver the mail too. Does not make any sense!

    • Only me

      Only 1 or 2 carriers will need to come in, not the whole office.

  • Zeus

    The study to which they refer was the original one that the USPS discarded and tried to cover up. They then paid for another study to say what they wanted it to say.

    Congress and the public are now aware that Donahoe will do whatever is necessary to have things his way. If he’s not careful, they could hold him in contempt of Congress. They really need to force him to retire and replace the entire BOG.

  • TheTruth

    Some of the people here really don’t get it or maybe too old to know that this is not the stone age anymore. Those 24 senators didn’t agree, yet. They admitted about the new technology (internet, cell phones, tablets, e-mails, fax & more) the reason why the mail volume are down & they know within ten years USPS will be delivering parcels only. Some of you might be lucky to have job within ten years.