Congressman Ross's imaginary friend goes underground

Looks like “Clerk Rene” has suddenly developed a case of extreme shyness! You may recall the twitter account we discovered last week whose sole purpose appeared to be giving praise and glory to Congressman Dennis Ross. (All of the 34 tweets the account had posted were directed to @RepDennisRoss, and were sometimes embarrassingly worshipful). ClerkRene, who claimed to be a postal employee (although we couldn’t find an actual postal worker named Rene Gray), stopped posting his fawning tributes to Dennis after we ran our story. Earlier today, when I checked to see if the adorable Pomeranian had updated his feed, I was disappointed to find this:

Sadly, no one appears to have bothered to request access to “Rene”‘s protected tweets- not even his heroes, Darrell ‘n’ Dennis, who are now the only accounts “Rene” follows.

In other twitter news, Congressman Ross ended the conversation he started with me about the PAEA trust fund after I pointed out that he was lying. Some people are so sensitive! Oh well- at least we have our memories (and screen captures!):

Rene Gray ClerkRene on Twitter.

  • Scott

    there has got to be someone who knows someone at twitter who can pull “Rene’s” IP address. i would love to see this sh**head get popped for astroturfing.

  • jimb

    Ross seems to be a very disturbed and pathetic individual. There are many avenues to get help for mental illness, and he should probably seek one of these out soon, before his sickness becomes worse.

  • malman

    who says Rene is a he

  • john

    Don’t walk away, Rene.

  • crazy

    Absolutely unbelieveable! Shame on the people who let Ross and Issa get elected!

  • vitameatavegamin

    @1….likely a Ross/Issa staffer has the account. Ross is likely very desperate to get any attention on this bill, and he and Issa know full well that their bill is crap from the beginning.