Congressman Ross goes off the deep end

Our Dennis has been busy on the Twitter today!

@postalnews still yet to admit GAO was right – because they were. Your current argument = USPS would make money if it didnt follow the law.
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Dennis may be reading the Twitter on his Blackberry, but he doesn’t seem to be very good at comprehending what he reads. Most literate readers of this blog would have noticed my earlier posting, where I pointed out that way back in March I suggested that there was a pretty good argument for the proposition that the USPS was not owed any money for the alleged CSRS overcharges. Dennis- try following the links- they’re there for a reason.

Dennis’s suggestion that my “current argument = USPS would make money if it didnt follow the law”, is, of course, nonsense. My “current argument”, which also happens to be the same argument I have been making for more years than Dennis has been a Congressman, is that the USPS has been profitable since 2006 before the $5.5 billion trust fund charge Dennis’s colleagues slapped on the USPS in 2006.

That, Dennis, is a fact- not an “argument”.

What’s amusing about Dennis’s argument is the way he regards PAEA as something akin to sacred scripture. It’s The Law. USPS only makes profits if it ignores The Law. Funny how Dennis and his tea baggin’ buddies don’t seem to have the same reverence for other laws, like, say, health care reform, or environmental protection, or worker safety.

Situation ethics much, Dennis?

Twitter / @RepDennisRoss: @postalnews still yet to a ….

  • Hal

    Call me when Ross manages to reach that hard to achieve 3rd digit for his IQ

  • Chuck

    It’s never going to happen.

    What really amazes me is that he actually was elected????? Didn’t the people figure out he was a idiot?

  • John

    We need to get this out into mainstream media. HR 1351 with 226 co-sponsponsoring colleagues is being held in subcommittee by Ross and Issa. Gotta get it out where Americans can see how they are abusing their positions.

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  • Beau

    Idiots elect idiots.