Postcom: USPS expected to announce price increase today

The US Postal Service Board of Governors meets in closed session beginning at 10 AM this morning, and according to Postcom, they’re expected to announce a 2.1% hike in the price of postage:

USPS price announcement expected later today. With a stay requested in exigent case, mailers are anticipating a 2.133 average price change.
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  • JY

    They deny a price increase earlier, now they’re approving one?

  • bob komar

    The only thing the po is doing HALF ASSED RIGHT. Postage should be $.50 for a letter at least.This is for the best service in the WORLD.. carried out by POSTAL WORKERS.. NOW if they would look into the WASTE IN MGMT..204bs making almost $100,000 a year for answering phones UMPTEEN higher levels doing squat for thier $.. there is where the BIG SAVINGS ARE.. GET RID OF THE GRAFT!