"Real" Darrell Issa now posting fake tweets

This is starting to get confusing! We told you this morning that Twitter had shut down the “fake Darrell Issa” account created by a postal employee to poke fun at millionaire career politician and self-appointed postal “watchdog” Darrell Issa.

This afternoon, perhaps to fill in the void left by the departure of the fake Darrell, the “real” Darrell started posting a slew of phony tweets:

how much is #Postal Crisis already costing you? Find out here: http://t.co/lsvLyDjZ#saveusps
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in the time it takes to read this, taxpayers hit w/ more than $4,000 in new #postal losses: http://t.co/lsvLyDjZ#saveusps
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Of course, you already know how much the “crisis” has cost the taxpayers- zero. The USPS doesn’t get “taxpayer dollars”, and hasn’t asked for any. So where does Darrell come up with the $15 billion on his “bailout clock”? Easy- it’s the amount of the deficit Congress forced the USPS to incur under PAEA. It isn’t taxpayer money. Calling it a bailout is like calling your home mortgage a “bank financed bailout”. Except your mortgage bought you a house to live in- the USPS just gets to loan the money back to the Treasury. And, of course, you presumably applied for your mortgage- Congress didn’t force it on you.

More importantly, Darrell’s little ticker ignores the fact that the USPS has an undisputed $42 billion in past USPS profits sitting in the PAEA mandated trust fund already. That’s in addition to an undisputed $6.9 billion in FERS overcharges- and it doesn’t include the $50-75 billion in CSRS overcharges attested to by independent auditors.

Darrell somehow manages to pretend that forcing the USPS to borrow billions of dollars so that it can then loan those billions back to the Treasury means that the USPS is “already costing” taxpayers billions of dollars.

That’s not an exaggeration- that’s an outright lie, and Darrell knows it.

Footnote: If you don’t find lying politicians loathesome enough, ponder this tweet Darrell posted later this afternoon:

Wanted to take a few tweets to #thankyousteve. As a fellow #tech#entrepreneur, he’s been an inspiration and bar-setter.
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Darrell Issa comparing himself to Steve Jobs- I’m speechless…

Twitter / @DarrellIssa: how much is #Postal Crisis ….

  • mike

    Issa is being paid off by someone, we need to find out and expose this lying piece of shot.

  • Amy

    What a tool he is!! and to have the balls to compare himself to Steve Jobs….please! Issa makes me sick!

  • Yuri

    judging by the nature , content, and unremitting attacks on the US Postal Service, this man is deranged and unfit to serve as a congressman. Why isn’t anything being done?

  • Carl Hulsewede

    Last time the USPS had this much trouble with a US Representative from California was the one that had the UPS Corperate HQ in his district. Rep Issa is up to something that needs to be investigated.

  • Poor Richard

    Petition to discharge his chair is in the works.

  • Ferr

    Postal workers must unite and make sure in Issa area that they vote, their children, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, other family members,
    parents,people they know, work friends and customers all vote this misinformed, elitist, pompous ass out of office in the next election

  • Timbo

    Find and open his closets and let the skeletons run free. A person with this much arrogance and power has all kinds of baggage, from women, or men, to drugs. FIND IT, and be sure to share it with everyone else.

  • Best Carrier

    Darrell is a bit young but maybe he is taking advice from an old timer, Tom Delay, former Congersman from Texas, also known as “The Hammer.”

    Tom had a heavy hand but eventually dropped the hammer on his foot and retired back to Texas. Let’s hope that Darrell goes back to California where he can count his coins.

  • reo

    Um, hello folks. This is pure California KOCH.

  • elly

    I have been saying for weeks that Issa, and Donahoe for that matter, are somehow going to directly gain from these insane proposals, i.e. in kickbacks. I’m really curious what the real plan is. The rich get richer while we postal workers get kicked to the curb and postal customers lose their service. Oh, and I wouldn’t have ever been hired at the USPS with the criminal background Issa has!

  • American Nana

    Issa is exactly what is sooooo wrong with Congress, rich man decides to run country in ground. Gets power and ignores facts to get his way. Others (Ross) sucked in by the power and money follow. Vote them out , his closet has conviction for consealed weapon, twice picked up for car theift, brother convicted. Guess that’s how he knows the best way to thwart a car thieft.

  • wilbur517

    I think Issa has plans for a new postal system. That is why he want the USPS to fail.He doesn’t care if it’s based on lies or not.
    Either that or he is a TOTAL ass! or BOTH

  • Rich

    Issa should have to walk a foot route for one month. After that maybe?he might have a little symathy for workers.yea right!!!

  • jeff

    can you believe this turd actually said that the postal service has to many human beings working for it.now im not the brightest bulb in the house but isnt it us human beings that keep the economy afloat by working and paying bills.the level of arrogance that this man shows towards us human beings is a disgrace.it is his type of mentality that keeps our unemployment rate where it is at.

  • largemouth basstard

    Just do a wikipedia search on Darrell to find out more than you ever wanted to know about this ex-car “borrower”. He’s even let it slip he wants to be PMG some day.
    Fortunately, the truth is starting to emerge about this Koch-sucker. His days as a corporate tool are hopefully numbered. He isn’t fit to scrub toilets at a Jersey rest stop.