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USPS tells employees they're not allowed to campaign against service changes

The web site 21st Century Postal Worker has posted a copy of a letter from an unnamed USPS District Manager telling employees that they are not to “engage in campaigns for or against changes in mail service.” As examples of offending behavior, the letter says “Some of our Postal employees have written congressmen and senators”, and accuses them of misleading “community members on the costs, revenues and benefit of retaining their local Post Office”.

Gag Order

  • Gwendolyn P. Jones

    You all would not know loyalty to anyone or anything but yourself and the money you get from being “Stupid”, and arrogant! Listen to someone who knows what they are doing instead of someone that didn’t work on the floor but a guick minute cause they were afraid of a little dirt and work.

  • Big AL

    We can campaign all we want, just not in uniform or on the clock.

  • trout

    here is another upper mgmnt employee making the rest of us in look like idiots…………………..I believe the key phrase here is “paid postal employee which means “on the clock” on the other hand perhaps if this district managers job was being lost he/she might feel differently…

  • Mick Gallup-

    I must assume he will also talk to Mr. Donahoe about lobbying on Postal time. Sounds like they’re trying to extend the reach of the Hatch Act further than necessary. When did we get a bunch of bone loving Republicans in charge of this popstand. Future is bleak.

  • Ben Franklin

    The Postal Service should mail itself a copy of the constitution. I would be willing to bet that it would supercede the ELM. This DM wants employees to be faithful to the P.O.. Faithful to an employer who wants nothing more than to put us out of work. Oh, and by the way collect nice big paychecks and bonuses.


    Is this the same District Manager who disallowed pay raises
    in 2009???

  • firedonabloe

    This gag order is from Seattle. It needs to stop, NOW!! Seattle is in a battle right now to save our mailrooms which are foot routes. Seattle management seems to think that giving 44 routes in downtown Seattle a vehicle and converting high rise buildings to a park and loop route will save money. WHERE? HOW? Every single postal customer in downtown Seattle is against this insane plan. Management is still steamrolling it through. The inbred idiot manager that spread this gag order retired Oct. 1st. Employees are being disciplined for talking to customers about this plan. So much for free speech when it effects management’s bonuses.

  • Robert

    Who’s the nazi that wrote this letter?

  • Liam Skye

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Will this clown’s Area VP please rein the buffoon in before (s)he has to be schooled in the First Amendment?

  • SFGuy

    Hey Seattle !

    You must be talking about pulling VIM ( vertical improved mail) routes out of office buildings and back to the stations. That’s what they’ve done in San Francisco and let me tell ya, it has worked out great! Carriers unhappy; customers unhappy; no actual cost savings that I can see. Just what one of our previous postmasters wanted, complete chaos.

  • gruntled

    We the people………..still have freedom of speech.

  • Michele

    here is another example of why we need to get rid of top-tier(highest paid) managers cause if they put this out without even knowing the law the a)they are stupid or b)just don’t have enough get up and go to know the regulations regarding this issue!!! just my opinion.

  • chuck

    gee i cant wait for the next stand up regarding this waste of time agenda. on the next stand up just keep asking questions to extend our office time. it works every time when i enter it on my 96. hey area manager that wrote that letter. quit hiding behind your limited authority. be a man and be seen. as a matter of fact im writing my congressman again. and its my day off. so take that jerk.

  • Chuck

    Just another way to say “do as I say not as I do” Get your collective heads out of the clouds & come back to reality!!! Ever hear of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

  • pokey

    I have to take orders from these Aholes while I’m on the clock. Be damed if they’re going to tell me what I can do off the clock!!!

  • coltara marshall

    This dm is from arkansas. It was sent out to all offices. And a stand up was given yesterday

  • coltara

    This is the arkansas district manager. This was sent out to all ark offices yesterday

  • Allmouthnoballs

    There is No faster way to test someones character than to put them in charge. It magnifies there flaws 10 fold and you see the real person for what they are ….or aren’t! The best minds in the business.!

  • Poor Richard

    “I,Patrick Donahoe, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

    Except Article I of the Bill of Rights. Any good constitutional lawyers out there?

  • Allmouthnoballs

    If the USPS cared at all about there employess , not just the phony suckups, you would have that loyalty you talk about. What comes around goes around. I can live with myself how about you?

  • mike

    yeah just like our loyalty is warrented to usps officials yet they are the first that want to reneg on our recently ratified contract and get rid of the no lay off clause. guess what kiss my butt…. loyalty –managment broke that its all fair game now. maybe this manager is concerned about the public finding out the usps needs 1 supervisor for every 2 employees and they also need huge raises every year….hummmmmmmmmm. funny thing is management has no clue more like one employee to make two mangaers look good on mystery shopper program or show them how to turn the lights on and off.

  • bob komar

    I live in America (supposedly) and I will tell all….. I work for MORONS.. in my office in ct we are over a month behind on 2nd notices on certified mail! WHO CARES.. THE PO IS A JOKE..And a CORRUPT ENTITY AT THAT!

  • you’re have got to be kidding

    This can’t be for real. This fool thinks it is against the rules for postal employees who are american citizens first to expose lies , and dishonesty to public officials?

    Somebody needs to investigate this guy ! I think that the old soviet/cuban commies have sleeper agents inside the USPS.

    OIG, FBI, ACLU, whoever…go do your thing.

  • Carl Hulsewede

    This District Manager is attempting to violate our 1st Admendment Rights. We can do almost anything off the clock and out of uniform. He or she can not control our lives off the clock.

  • Tampa Steve

    “Re-educate employees “….. ? Where are we? China?

  • bob komar

    THE DOPES WHO RUN THE po HAD FROM THE MID 1990′S TO COUNTER E-MAIL.. they were to busy having a good time with the cash or too DUMB to COME UP WITH any SERVICES TO MAKE $$$$$

  • gandhi

    if you dont write your congressmen and tell the local papers the truth who will? i have seen so much complacency in my office that it is pathetic, i guess they think it is business as usual ha ha we had a postmaster submit a letter to the local paper written from someone up above her she signed her name to it and the editor founfd out and wrote another editorial apologizing that he didnt know it was ghostwritten and chastising her for it light dispels darkness . do you think issa is worried about offending anyone hello

  • mike

    Our local news just had a segment on how the senior citizens are being taken advantage of in the bad economy. But the mail carriers were some of the people reporting it as they were doing thier jobs how bout some good news.

  • Can’t Retire Yet

    Our brand new Postmaster just ordered 2 new desks for his new office, a big comfy office chair and two lovely matching ‘guest chairs.’ We can’t close the office door now, with all the furniture. He then threw away 2 perfectly fine office chairs, several vital shelf units, and an old leather postmaster’s chair from about 1927 (which clerks called the “break-chair” since we lack a breakroom of any kind) and got himself 2 new printers for no particular reason (ours were not old!) I’m watching all the new furniture roll in, thinking WHERE IS THIS MONEY COMING FROM in this supposed dire financial situation? He has no training as a Postmaster, or supervisor of any kind; he has NEVER TOUCHED MAIL or dealt directly with customers in his entire postal career. Carriers & clerks are training him, only out of PURE necessity, while doing their own jobs. Rural routes all just got cut, clerk hours got cut in half.
    I ask you, WTF???? So, yes I will, off the clock of course, tell anyone who will listen about the USPS request to bilk America by reducing First Class mail service. That is what the ELM talks about– actual changes in mail service time. That’s what we are not to ‘campaign’ for or against, ever. Sorry, but since my benefits have been destroyed by restructuring and Postmaster greed, I withdraw my adherence to that ELM rule. Off the clock, of course.

  • usps

    In my office as long as you smoke and kiss the pms ass you are a supervisor or 204b. 1 smoke break every 20 minutes for all 5 of em, and the POOM is driving 8 hour round trip picking up outgoing mail. You go guys, you’ve got it all figured out. No education required, PM doesn’t even have a high school diploma. Making $100,000+. GTFOH!! aka Get the F$%^ outta here. And we wonder why!

  • Moondawg


  • Moondawg


  • Lionsdan

    Maybe we should calm down and wait for what’s coming. The USPS is NOT going to lay off anyone. What will happen is that employees will be offered a buyout significantly better than what’s ever been offered before and the job savings will pay for itself in two years time. It’s as simple as that because the USPS CAN’T do anything else. Trust me.

  • Oldschool

    Hey Lionsdan, you’re liviing in a fantasy world if you believe that. The po is BROKE!!! They have no money to offer. It’s as simple as that. Trust me!

  • Hefra

    Too many managers with poor people skills and bloated saleries that do nothing to improve mail service to the American public….there lies the true waste in the U.S.P.S.
    The management abuse and lies will be exposed…freedom still rings and karma has a way of coming back to those who oppress others.
    Postal employees have the right to do as they please off the clock,just as any other American.

  • Bigjohn

    I bet if you look in all the Politician offices you will find they are keeping postal equipment (tubs, trays etc) illegally just like big business does and I see it every day. No mail in it cause they were shopping at Office depot. I saw this guy on 60 minutes he showed people watching under his desk, he had approximately 21 tubs. If the USPS would make them bring EVERY” piece of equipment back the USPS could save a fortune in equipment. Nobody in big business cares what the law on the side says ($10,000 fine or 5 years in prison) but the USPS won’t go after them. They go after the little guy just like the letter above.

  • PaleWriter

    I don’t remember signing a non-disclosure agreement when I acknowledged NEVER to slow-down/strike against the USPS.

    Most people don’t realize that for all practical purposes Postal workers relinquish their Constitutional rights when accepting employment at the USPS. Legally we are guaranteed these rights. However, the USPS has no problem firing ‘problem’ employees and letting them go a year or two without a paycheck to “get their mind right”.

    Think hard about this BEFORE jeopardizing your family.

    I know it’s rotten.
    It is what it is.

    Do a google search on….
    usps employee fired “freedom of speech”

    In 2009 Congressional Research Service did a report on:
    Freedom of Speech and Press: Exceptions to the First Amendment

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  • crazy

    Big AL has the correct response. Amen!

  • vitameatavegamin

    WTF…..higher level mgt. now based in Pyongyang???

  • sigsec

    What is a District Managers job? He sits on his butt all day and listens to anything the Postmaster General tells him to say or do. Right or Wrong. Another high paid puppet that is dead weight. The higher up you go in management the dumber they are. The post office could be run efficiently with 25% postal supervisors with business degrees. 75% could be fired and you would never notice the difference. The Postmaster General should be the first to go. He is extremely overpaid and does nothing but spread lies. The district manager doesn’t understand that when an employee is off the clock he or she is then a customer. The customer has every right to say what ever they like or dislike about the USPS and everything that we have seen so far is at least the truth. The District manager is more worried about the public finding out how much they make each year with bonuses and what they actually do.

  • streetwalker

    If we cant’ fight for ourselves than who the duck will