Darrell Issa doesn't think unions should fight for postal workers' jobs

That’s the impression given by this recent tweet:

I wonder if #postal workers know how much of their #union dues big labor is wasting on ads & political campaigns?
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Darrell pretends to be ignorant of a couple of facts-

  • The political contributions dispensed by labor union PACs come from voluntary contributions from members, not union dues
  • The current APWU ad campaign is supported by a dues increase that was publicly announced by the elected representatives of the APWU membership. The members elected the leadership and gave them the authority to make that call- if the members aren’t happy with that, they can vote the leadership out.
  • Unlike Darrell Issa, postal workers are not allowed to use taxpayer dollars to get their point across- they use the money they earn by actually working
  • “Big Labor” is a term the right wing likes to use to make unions sound just as bad as Big Business- it ignores the simple fact that labor unions are organizations whose leaders are elected by the members, supported by the members’ dues.
  • Darrell also ignores the simple fact that union members probably contribute more money to right wing politicians involuntarily– for example, every time they buy “Brawny” paper towels, “Angel Soft” toilet paper, and a host of other products sold by the Koch Brothers, some of that money ends up in the hands of the Tea Party “movement”. That’s the real scandal, not the money postal workers contribute voluntarily to protect their jobs.

I think I prefer fake Darrell:

APWU Calls on Issa to Correct Misstatements http://t.co/Tz5fDJa9 via @postalnews If I have to correct all my lies Id never be able to stop!!
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  • mike arrabito

    Dennis Ross, Darrell Isaa, Connie Mack, and the Tea Party. Have declared war on Veterans, there are many of us Veterans that are union members, as well as patriots. And yet we are the subject of there malicious campaign. They should be going after the big business that refuse to keep jobs here in America their the Communist, because they refuse to believe in the American dream. Yes Issa, Ross and Connie Mack and the tea party are communist who have infiltrated the republican party beware.

  • Troy J.

    In your face Mr. Issa. You just been creamed by your own false tweet. SLAM DUNK. GO POSTAL UNIONS.

  • Bob Pearson

    What is the NALC National doing with the $172M, in cash assests, for the the union members.. to get through this issue??

  • Tampa Steve

    It is a fact that light travels faster than sound…. Darrell looks bright until he speaks. He WILL fail!

  • Poor Richard

    Issa posts to the webpage under all the flamebait troll names, from Mr. English to Guest. Wait til the Ethics Committee bangs the gavel. Joe McCarthy revisited.

  • david


  • Tampa Steve

    Signor Issa è un testa di cazzo che la sua posizione dovrebbe dimettersi.

  • BorderDeuce

    Issa founded the Viper car alarm company. It’s his voice saying, “Step Away From The Vehicle!” He’s also worth more than most House members, around 140 million. Darrell, “Step the Hell Away from our hard-won middle class jobs!”

  • Jim West

    Mr. Issa doesn’t know I guess but according to OPM he has the same retirement package as the USPS personnel (FERS). All Congress personnel are under the FERS.

  • Jim West

    Check it on OPM.gov

  • Tom

    Darrell Issa received $44,000 dollars from the Postal Unions in 2008. He received less than 3k this year.

  • Gruntled

    We the people……………….SUPPORT HR -1351!!!

  • Bob felechner

    As a veteran I also believe in the American dream. The right to make choices I believe in, not dictated by the lock step union thugs who could’nt give a hoot whether the rank and file are treated with respect , I fought for the freedom that the tea party represents, and will continue to do so ..
    All you tea party haters should first read the purpose of the tea party, not the sound bites you pick up on the evening news…Being a union member does not prevent you from being able to think for yourselves…Try thinking out of the box……

  • Dan


    You’re not the only vet in this country. From what I see the true thugs and goons are the right wing teabags. Talk about lock step!

  • Chris S

    Sounds like Bob F. was molested by his Home School Teacher LOL

    Tea Baggers represent corporate cash (disguised as patriotic looking individuals) looking for a handout… IE: Not to pay their fair share of taxes!!

  • Bob felechner

    Dan and chris, you made my point….T.Y.

  • Micster

    Issa has a large contract with Ford Motor Corp selling his Viper alarm sysytems to them. I know Ford is buying these cheap alarms for the purpose of, ” I scratch your back and you scratch mine.” mentality. You hardly see them on Ford automobiles. Let’s boycott Ford Motors until they terminate the contract with Issa. Let us see if Issa himself likes income suddenly taken away from him.

  • issa darrell

    I think I like “the fake darrell too”!!! Follow IssaDarrell on twitter!!!!