Issa would force postal workers to retire

Forget about retirement incentives- according to the Hill, Representative Darrell Issa wants to “require” eligible employees to retire, regardless of whether or not they can afford to:

The House Oversight Committee chairman said Monday that a slew of postal workers should be retired, and while the Postal Service has “more than a small cash-flow problem,” it can be returned to solvency.

“This is an organization that can be profitable, that can meet all of its responsibilities,” he said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

And requiring workers to retire, if eligible, would go a long way toward reducing payroll pressure, he said.

via Issa: Time to ‘right-size’ the Postal Service workforce – The Hill’s On The Money.

  • Haywood Jablome

    hey jerk off……….I’m never going to retire……what part of that don’t you understand?

  • Dennis R. Jurmu

    The only government employees that should be required to retire are those that milk the system and get rich because of it — Rep. Issa comes to mind.

  • Patricia

    and this would solve WHAT? how would it solve anything? Is he saying the Postal service would not hire to replace the retiree’s? or the Postal service will divide all the routes into other routes, making those other routes LONGER which could raise the OT/Penalty time? This guy is SUCH an asshole….This clown doesn’t DO the job, and he probably has NEVER done the job, he just has no idea….and what about the retiree’s that can’t afford to retire? OH yeah, “who care’s?” Right ISSA!? JACKASS….

  • dan

    I wish Issa would retire in Lebanon.

  • gerry

    i wish issa would#@^%&*($%}}{+<KLPOPK%$#. have a nice day

  • DJ

    What a dip stick, except there’s nothing in his brain to check but emptyness. I’ve got the perfect solution for
    Mr. Issa. I will even lend him my shotgun. That will be
    better reading than all his ideas put togrther!


    Some workers have been working past the embalming phase, but hey, zombies have rights to.

  • Willis

    Ya what are you thinking Issa? Lay off all the young people that just bought a place to live an had there first child, lay those people off. Let the 90 yr olds keep there jobs.

  • Scout

    issa needs to retire.

  • Isaac Cox

    Issa spelled backwards is ASS, I

  • mike

    Guess what Asda. I hope the post office makes my route a 12hr route. I will stay just spite your sorry ____”! Why would I leave when I can make more staying around. Keep the good work up and make me rich$$$………… How do ya like that.

  • TB


  • J C

    Can you say age discrimination. How is it you stay in Congress til you are in your 80’s but they want to make us retire? Hey Issa K M A

  • Haywood Jablome

    When Assa was hatched………they should have slapped it’s mother.

  • joemama

    I’t took me 27 years to get FT. I’m working another 27 years cause that’s what we postal workers do. Apparently Mr. Issa doesn’t understand that We Postal Workers Don’t Retire. We just Die on the job…….

  • Nutzy

    This assa is rich and want us to retire on $1000 a month.

  • Elaine Beck

    Everyone knows the USPS made a profit
    except for government overfunding of benefits.
    Maybe they can sit outside your office Issa with a
    tin cup, and you can divvy up the billions they made.

  • Duane

    I thought the higher ups were already trying to get us to retire since I turned down their VERA!Talk about harrassment and age discrimination!

  • The Coach

    I woud like all of the postal workers, their friends, their families and all the other small businesses who depend on the salaries of postal workers in his congressional district to see what this rich assed, lobby money taking, jerk is doing and VOTE HIM OUT!!!



  • Helen Peck

    Post Office made a 50 billion dollar profit
    which was confiscated by Congress for
    OVERFUNDING benefits. There is no reason
    to change anything, except Congress needs
    to pass bill to give workers (who are hardest
    working in the world-see article) their money

    Issa is becoming a humilation.

  • reo

    Google Issa and research his past. He should be rotting in prison.

  • T Baker

    U politicians are the cause for the situation this country finds itself in. Hey Issa why don’t u guys in office lead by example and force a age limit for any public office. Here is a number how about 62, all of u fat cats who have been voted into public offices and make way more money than u deserve or dare I say need, leave us poor working people alone. Some of us can’t afford to retire or maybe just don’t wan’t to. Please before u start trying to force us to retire do a clean sweep of all political positions, I KNOW THAT COULD SAVE OUR COUNTRY MILLIONS, because THE USPS can still be profitable if it was not for you fat cats robbing it blind with your mephistophelean prefunding mandate. The USPS is a vital part of America’s infrastructure, yet u guys want to destroy it for ur on greedy gain. Most of u politicians in office don’t understand anything about serving this country and appear to be hell- bent on destroying this GREAT NATION. HOW DO YOU GUYS SLEEP!

  • D in California

    Issa would not last through one walking swing….he has no idea what a letter carriers job intells, walk 16 miles, some more, some less, juggling 3 to 4 different bundles of mail, in heat, rain, snow, sleet, ice, dogs chasing you, just let him try to get someone to do this for minimum wage or less, they, like Issa would quit in 20 minutes! Here’s what you do VOTE everyone of our Rep and Congress out of office to show them we want leaders that can lead not follow and that can use their brains not their wallets to work together and not against each other. I’m just a 31 year letter carrier who is not old enough to retire because I’m only 51 not 55 and would be penalized 2% for every year I am not 55 and I know I could do a better job in Washington right now then Issa! Ask me what I think and where the waste is in the Postal Service any day, it’s like Washington, always wanting to cut the ones who WORK for their money not the ones who don’t!

  • dumbfellow

    It is so hard to believe 53% of the USPS workforce actually believed that the Republicans were going to reform the Postal service for the better! And will vote for them again next year.

  • carrier

    go ahead and force me to retire, I’ll be able to afford it after I sue for age discrimination!

  • Mr. X

    We should force congressmen to one term limits! Especially Assa.

  • Gary

    While Issa wears Armani suits it’s easy for him to say…retire, to those that are just keeping their heads above water. The people of California need to ensure this self-serving genius is not reelected. The grass roots movement can start with the thousands at the USPS. This man doesn’t have a clue…..He’s got his!!!

  • john k

    this is typical vote this incompetent moron out . Wake up assa u r a total loser postal workers r shiit on everday by lousy horrible management . Assa is another George the country ruining Bush . Bush has us all in a mess ruined or country now assa the stupid continues . what i want to know is what is this idiots hidden agenda who is paying off the fool.

  • reagan

    force retiremnt/lay offs/ I am still waiting two years to be offered an early retirement??????????? letter carrier???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • True blue

    Well congress didn’t make old,ancient,decrepit ass Strum Thurman retire, his senile ass was propped up in his chair for his last twenty years in congress

  • Rich

    Issa is a pissa…..

  • mike

    Plain and Simple.
    EEO…………..go for it Issa. And make me rich. I feel like you are calling me to old for my job. How dare you. I could and can work circles around you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Mike. In Michigan.

  • Wesley

    I normally despise every bill Rep. Issa puts down on paper. However, I can get behind this issue because this is a problem that is getting larger.

  • bill

    some body needs to look at his stands on osha and child labor

  • bill

    also social security ,think aarp will endorse him
    everytime he opens his mouth he alienates another group

  • Dave

    I just became a proponent of making any senator or congressman over 55 to retire, take away their free health insurance for life (make them pay like the rest of us), free postage, and I vote strongly for term limits to get these old men and women out!!!

  • jet li

    I risked my life to escape from Communism to get here. I have been working very hard ever since to make my American dream come true. I finally bought a home and have 2 young children and a happy family. And now this Devil named ASSI(oops spelled it backward) wants to rob my American dream from me. He also wants to rob the futures of 2 young innocent children. How on earth especially in America let this Devil destroys many families? Mr. Issa, do you believe in GOD’s Punishment? If you cause harm to others, you will be punished by GOD. I hope you get the punishment you deserved.

  • Ron

    If I have to retire, I garantee you’ll be retiring before me. What makes you think you can force me out just because I have the years in. I can’t survive on a $1000 dollars a month with no SS until I’m 62. Thats a long way off. How am I suppose to support my family and put my daughter through college. Who’s gong to make my house payment. My retirement wont even come close to covering that, thanks to the crooket banks the government has supported.

  • honolulu

    Mr. Issa is not the only problem in the Postal Service issue. The responsibility for the actions of politicians like Mr. Issa also lies with the VOTERS who elect them into office. In future elections, make sure you know who you are voting for because there are MANY, MANY more like Mr. Issa waiting for their chance to get into office and “FIX” the USPS. Once their party gains the majority you can see the damage that can be done. Contribute to and support your PAC so that the chances of people like Mr. Issa getting in to office are minimized and for those like him that are already in office, get them voted out. Also, in many commentaries on the Postal subject, often mentioned is the fact that 80% of the USPS budget are for labor costs. Does anyone out there know if the 80% is for craft only or does it include management? In other words, how much of the 80% is for management costs including “pay for performance” if any? Why is management allowed to receive “pay for performance” anyway, aren’t they already paid well to “perform”? Aloha!

  • Union girl

    Make sure you all get out to the Save Our Postal Service rally on September 27th at your local congressmen’s office to rally support for HR 1351

  • penelope

    It is a double edge sword….Retirees can’t afford to live and people like my husband have a new mortgage and new baby. When he joined over 10 yrs ago it was supposed to be a safe, stable and great job. Total Mess!

  • Stephen

    I was considering retiring in about 18 months, but now I am going to stay a lot longer after AssI’s comments. If the employees of the Post Office are going to be required to retire at a certain age, then it should be applied across the board to all government agencies and Politicians. If so, start with the oldest and work down, not the youngest and work up. Many younger people still have families to take care of, but the Politicians don’t seem to care. The VERA program is a laugh!!

  • JOE

    I was offered a vera last year, and the numbers dont add up…. Why should I be forced to retire at one quarter of my salary, and the politicians be given full salary and health benefits after just one term. I think they should be forced to due one term in office and retire with no benefits unless they merit them.

  • Steve Piper

    Considering all eligible employees are over 50, they fall within the scope of age discrimination, which is illegal. BY LAW….

  • Ralph James

    Mr. Issa, if your intension is to reduce the Postal Service’s work force by requiring older postal workers to retire, I encourage you and the rest of congress to go ahead. With so much waste in goverment spending, a class action EEO law suit against the federal goverment would be a fitting way to show the american tax payers just how prudent congress can act on the issue of discrimination against workers who are over 40 and have been singled out just because you or any other congress person wants to “right size the Postal Service” at the expense of older workers. Perhaps you or whomever want’s to proceed towards what amounts to “Age discrimiation or a (RIF),” should take a look at the EEOC laws which govern workers over 40. You have stated in prior artices about the Postal Service’s financial status that: taxpayers should not have to bail the Postal Service out. Well, Can congrees or the Postal Service really afford an EEOC lawsuit?

  • tom

    What an insult to the hard working men and women of the postal service.

  • Joe

    Lets just say hypothetically that some facilities are owned by politicians and their leases were tripled within 5 or so years ago and you multiply that across the country along with manangements outragious rasies of 30 or more k each of those years because they claim the private sector makes soooo much more ! The workers are getting peanuts for raises compared to upper management !! We are suppose to be public servants for crying out loud . Not ripping the public off like the private sector CEOS and stock options !!!

  • Yuri

    Ralph James… are totally correct; took the words right out of my mouth! If Issa , or anyone or any agency, for that matter….forces retirement, I suggest the following: a massive Class-action lawsuit against Issa and the government and Postal Service….for blatant discrimination based on age which is forbidden by federal law. Sue for damages: back pay, court costs, emotional and financial distress, and punitive damages. This WOULD be won! Everyone must get together cohesively, put this in action and pursue it with every bit of dogged determination you have. In addition, if this happens, I will pursue my own legal battle with the best attornies money can buy. I gave my entire life to the Postal Service and PAID MY DUES by breaking my back many, many, times, and sacrificed family time by working the midnight shift for years. How DARE anyone come up with this insane and illegal idea? ISSA betrays his agenda and hatred for postal workers by his incessant attacks on us. It seems like he has nothing to do but attack us 24/7. Something is not right here. Perhaps we need an investigation into Issa and where he is getting funds from; I would not be surprised if something very detrimental comes up, since this goes way beyond and over the top on attacking postal workers! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!

  • Gary

    This country is ass backwards….on my block alone this week police kicked out two families with little kids because the banks foreclosed on them These same banks that us bailed out just a few years ago! Talk about bull! We should bail out the PO so workers can work & foreclose on those asshole banks!

  • Holden MaGroin

    Does anyone know what Rep. Issa has against the Post Office? Has the Post Office or any of it’s employees wronged him at any time. Are these the ramblings of some far right Republican that hates hard working middle class Americans? Or is he just an A-hole?

  • Jack MeHoff

    Issa outta his mind.

  • john k

    Congrats assa u r being investigated about time u messed with the wrong people in postal service u will be defeated cuz u a a sick piece of crap . U are being paid off and r just a clone of george w country ruining bush . bush started this crap typical republican jackass out to make the rich richer . Bush was our downfall and didnt care about 9/11 look at his face. assa hole and waste of life bush total losers incompetent long live postal service despite donahole and the idiots in management our workers r dedicated ty

  • Lionsdan

    Remain calm. Forced retirement is age discrimination and aganist the law. Issa is ratteling his sword and it’s a small sword. He absolutely knows that it would take enactment of a new law to accomplish forced retirement. The democratically controlled senate would have to pass it, which will never happen and the president would have to sign it which will NEVER happen. If by some nightmare happenstance it did happen the civil unrest it would cause would be the beginning of the end of America as we know it today. Maybe that is what Issa wants? The new American Reich. After forced retiremant comes forced labor and finally slave labor. On second thought maybe we shouldn’t remain calm.

  • Lionsdan

    To threaten a postal employee is a felony. Issa certainly just did that. I want his rich ass in jail.

  • Mark

    Issa, a multi-millionaire republican, who is using the USPS to try and gain recognition for himself. Enough said. The only one he cares about is himself. The goal of the republican party is to get rid of the middle class. They are ruining this country trying to do it. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Vote to get them out of Washington next election.

  • Sunny

    I agree. The retirement age should be at 60.

  • paislysun

    Instead of forced retirement, reinstate standard requirements. If every person is treated as an equal, no matter what their age, then there should be no problem with insitituting a productivity standard. One should reasonably be able to expect that a 70 year old will have the same productivity as a 20 year old. Those people who are well past the retirement age and insist on still working say that forced retirment is age discrimination. Then, expecting a 20 year old to be able to work at a higher productivity rate than a 70 year old is discrimnation in reverse. Those of you who are old enough to retire but refuse cannot have it both ways.

  • brian

    Think about what you’re actually saying- you want productivity standards, and that really has little or nothing to do with age. There aren’t that many 70 year old postal workers. If you really set specific productivity standards that employees have to meet to keep their jobs, I suspect the majority of people getting canned are going to be younger than you think. Not saying it’s good or bad, just saying your suggestion probably wouldn’t have the outcome you seem to want.

  • Marilyn Powell

    I am enraged about the total inequity of Issa’s suggestions that senior employees be replaced by less senior ones. They were hired in at what it took me 20 years to get to. Yes, I’m eligible for retirement, but, so what? I need to keep working. We should file a class-action suit against the government for age discrimination. I thought there was a federal law against it!!!!!

  • pamela

    I’m with Mark.Put down the remote Co-Workers an get in the fight. I went to a P.O. today to put up some flyers about 9/27 rallies an some there were clueless. What the &(_(&^^%

  • steve

    force people to retire? ever hear of age discrimination? And what about those in congress who are over 55 and eligible to retire? Tit for Tat Clarise!