Darrell Issa uses taxpayer dollars to attack postal workers, USPS

As most readers of this blog know, the US Postal Service does not receive any taxpayer dollars. Since its founding in 1971, the USPS has paid for its operations out of its own revenues. Far from being a burden on the taxpayer, the USPS has, according to reports by the Inspector General and outside auditors, been overcharged by $50-75 billion for its employees pensions, thus subsidizing the Federal Treasury. In addition, in 2006, Congress and President Bush imposed an additional $5.5 billion annual tax on the USPS. The tax was supposedly to finance the health benefits of potential future postal retirees. In an amazing coincidence, the $5.5 billion was exactly the amount OPM had discovered it was overcharging the USPS each year.

Better yet, because the retirement fund the $5.5 billion went to was “on-budget”, the USPS payments would artificially decrease the deficit by that amount. In other words, the USPS has given Congress an extra $5.5 billion a year to play with!

All of which makes you appreciate the utter cynicism of multimillionaire career politician Darrell Issa’s latest stunt- a web site called “savingthepostalservice.com”. Unlike the US Postal Service itself, the site is paid for by taxpayer dollars, to which Darrell obviously has free access.

Not surprisingly, Darrell’s web site doesn’t explain any of the facts behind the $5.5 billion tax on the USPS- it talks about lavish spending, but fails to mention the fact that without Congress’s mandates, the USPS would currently have zero debt and access to a $15 billion credit line to help it through the recession and rightsizing its infrastructure.

Darrell has introduced a bill to allow the USPS to throw out the labor agreements the USPS freely entered into with its union. The law also adds two additional layers of bureaucracy to the postal service, and could saddle it with an additional $10 billion in debt- all the better to achieve Darrell’s apparent goal- the elimination or privatization of the US Postal Service.

Darrell didn’t always feel this way about the USPS and its employees- as recently as a year ago he was still actively seeking the support (and accepting the contributions) of postal employee organizations.

What could possibly have turned Darrell around? It couldn’t be that he realized there was much more money to be made from the likes of the Koch Brothers and their “Tea Party” organization could it?

Here’s the text that appears on Darrell’s taxpayer financed website:

p>The United States Postal Service is bleeding money – $8.5 billion just last year. It’s also bleeding business – mail volume is down 20% since 2006 and not coming back. Just as trains replaced the pony express, the Internet has become the modern Postal Service’s greatest competition. That’s not going to change.

A better USPS, however, is possible. Explore the site. Get the facts. Learn about the Issa-Ross Postal Reform Act. Advise Congress on how to fix Postal budget shortfalls with the Postal Reform App.

Americans deserve an efficient USPS that delivers for decades. But misguided action – or none at all – could saddle taxpayers with a multi-billion dollar bailout for the Postal Service. The clock is ticking…

via Saving the Postal Service.

If you would like to tell Darrell what you think of his use of your money, he’s on Twitter at @DarrellIssa and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/darrellissa. (Yes, you’ll have to hold your nose and pretend to “like” Darrell if you want to post a comment…)

  • Joseph Breckenridge

    This, at the very least, is a violation of Senate ethics and is probably a violation of law. Such is the arrogance of Issa that he will do whatever he wants and dare others to stop him. This is outrageous. Issa and his reckless disregard for others MUST BE STOPPED.

  • cpttuna

    nalc president ought to have a little one on one with ISSA.

  • kingfisher552

    It’s because of idiotic demagoguery like this that folks are so cynical about our government. Hey Issa, try getting your facts right before you try to tear apart the USPS. It has many faults, but this moron is on another planet.

  • Joseph Breckenridge

    Issa is in violation of Senate ethics and the law. He is using Government money and a government website for political advocacy. He has established a website using the house.gov domain to blame the Postal Service for a crisis that he and others like him have created.

  • JohnnyU

    Issa’s hypocrisy and wanton destruction of the Postal Service is the seed sowed by so many in the Postal Service who didn’t take heed of the absolute necessity of “voting your job” first, (and all that surrounds it). Issa’s pre-election intentions concerning the Postal Service was the “Mein Kampf” that all Postal employees should have taken to heart, and used the power of their ballots to effectively eliminate his political existence. Right about now , anyone who voted Republican, must be, (and rightfully should be), thinking that the stances and opinions they drew of the canidates and how they aligned with their everyday values and opinions , means very little now since the very platform that gives them the luxury of opinion,(our jobs) , are now Issa’s to have. We have no one to blame but ourselves. The Postal Employees penchant for not getting involved , and their further reluctance to vote en-masse to a common cause is the true culprit in what we are now faced with.

  • mike

    What goes round, comes around. Sooner or later. A bunch of lies and dishonesty. Will always catch up with ya.

  • Kbob

    It really would be nice if the people who make comments here had their facts straight. Issa is a Congressman he is not in the Senate so pray tell me how he is in violation of Senate ethics?

  • house of cards

    congressman issa, why do you want to send 200,000 seeking some sort of government help ? i make 53,000 a year have a family of four, pay my taxes, never break laws,homeowner. what you are trying to do is have some unskilled workers making 10 $ a hour to supposedly save the postal service.have you looked in the mirror ? my family does not have anything lavish, im sure you do and i bet your LARGE staff makes more than 53,000 per year. to do what fetch things for you.when was the last time you drove a car ? i dont have a driver. matter of fact i have a 1990 buick.i could go on but we as americans do our best for america, i can not say the same for you.remember who put you in office,we will take you out just as fast. im sure you dont care because behind all of your propaganda im sure you have some nice job lined up.maybe with ups,fedex,or some other logistic company.all we ask is you do what you were put into office for and may i remind you it is not to hurt the american people, well you line your pockets and have relatives getting high paying cushy do nothing jobs. you are either dracula or have no mirrors in your house.

  • Bob felechner

    Obviously the whole system needs a make over, Instead of all the finger pointing, at least get the ball rolling to fix this…all kinds of criticism on both sides…DO SOMETHING, Enough already ….

  • Joseph Breckenridge

    Dear Kbob: Yes, I meant HOUSE ethics. I had been, shortly before, on a Senator’s site and had the Senate on the brain.

  • tony

    i am a 55year old carrier with 24 years on the job,trying to everything i can to save the usps.
    i’ve been working harder the last 3 years then i ever have.
    so don’t come down on the nalc, we are doing our part!

  • tony

    it should read trying to do, maybe because i worked 55 hours for the last 3 months, that’s the pressure the carrier’s are facing.
    it’s no longer good morning, but as soon as we show up it’s punch in we have 4 routes to cover!
    believe me i’m thankful to be employed, so give the nalc a break they deserve in doing there part!

  • darryl jr

    To direct comments on this thread as if the Honorable Darryl Issa would actually read them is absolutely absurd. Anyone worth 220 million dollars certainly does not give a flying zebra what the lower class thinks. Representative my foot.

  • Larry Baldwin

    Mr. Issa, the solutions to the postal problems are very simple, not at all complicated as some would make it. First, cut the staff at postal headquarters by 25%, then across-the-board pay cuts of 10%, NO EXCEPTIONS, then elimination of the 5.5 Billion Dollar prepayment of funds annually that doesn’t really go into any trust fund at all. Budget balanced, problem solved. Then you can begin streamlining and reduction of potal staff overall. You also would not have to close post offices and maintain the great American tradition started by Mr Franklin, that we should have access to low cost mail service universally to each and every household.

  • Timbo

    Face it people. All this mayhem is to keep you from investigating the true problem. They have stolen our money for years and they can not make it right, so they are trying to throw you off the scent of the true rats.

  • Bring facts to light

    Since the Postal Reform Act under Jr Bush retiree benefit funding has been completely paid in full and in addition between $50 – $70 billion has been “over paid” for prefunding of retiree health benefits as validated by numerous independent auditors as well as the OIG. Issa and Ross dismiss the aforementioned fact as not being true because it was a “law” that mandated prefunding and technically an overpayment conclusion can not be arrived at. Here is another little tidbit that the American public does not have knowledge, the prefunding money only exists on paper for Washington Politico’s had the liquid funds deposited in the general fund and it has been completely spent and exhausted as soon as the deposit was made. Educate the public, help save our jobs!

  • Jim Bob

    To use taxpayer money to support Issa’s view only and take a poll that skews the answers to promote only his solutions is reprehensible. And yet he stops other ideas and bills (HR 1351) from even being considered. This shows Rep.Issa is not interested in a solution, but only in furthering his own agenda.

  • commonlaw

    You’re gonna make me vote pro union….Democrat…..Thanks

  • Mr. Knowitall

    Issa is in the House of Representatives, not the Senate Breckinridge.

  • jet li

    This guy named Issa might have stocks in UPS and FEDEX. That is why he is trying to destroy the USPS and also all my brothers and sisters families that are working for the USPS. I am praying to God to punish him and make him pay back everything that he earns unlawfully. I also pray to God for better USPS management team that sees what is right for all the hard working employees. God bless all my USPS brothers, sisters and families.

  • donieray

    You repb. voted for these people and now they are going to put you out of work!!@

  • Bring facts to light

    Now is the time for all postal workers, craft and management to speak up, write letters to the editor, support PAC, tell everyone you know about the overpayment and the lies being told by Ross and Issa before we are on the outside looking in. The only one’s to benefit by the Issa/Ross agenda to privitize the USPS are their rich right wing republican supporters that will buy the USPS in franchise form. I am a lower level EAS employee, if I am out of work as a result of Issa, the crafts will be up the creek also and the unemployment line will welcome us all. The employees Issa/Ross want are low paid, with little to no benefits so profits can be maximized for their right wing tea party supporters that have the money to purchase a usps franchise !

  • sick of it

    I am sick of all the blaming and false information. Let’s get our current President take an interest in this. He seems to not care and hasn’t said or done a thing. Yes BOTH parties are to blame. Mr President please get this worked out before its too late.

  • Stat Man

    Just another lie told…
    Eventually, the Pony Express had more than 100 stations, 80 riders, and between 400 and 500 horses. The express route was extremely hazardous, but only one mail delivery was ever lost. The service lasted only 19 months until October 24, 1861, when the completion of the Pacific Telegraph line ended the need for its existence.

    “Not the trains”. That didn’t happen until 1869.

    Transcontinental Railroad opened for through traffic on May 10, 1869, with the driving of the “Last Spike” at Promontory Summit, Utah, the road established a mechanized transcontinental transportation network that revolutionized the population and economy of the American West.

  • mn

    Interesting read.. Issa makes $175,00 a year… His staff totals $976,503.00 for 2010.
    In 2001 his staff pay total was $594,331…. His staff payroll has increased over %50 in 10 years…. My pay has not increased anywhere near that.
    Here is the link

  • concerned postal employee

    The government is constantly publishing unemployment stats and talking about creating new jobs. WHY DO YOU WANT TO TAKE AWAY HARD WORKING TAXPAYING CITIZENS JOBS?? The Postal Service does not need a bailout, they need less government control. Support HR 1351 and leave us alone. Why do you want to punish middle class, tax paying citizens, who have secure incomes? SUPPORT HR 1351.

  • eddie

    Men like Issa, or should I say sheep in wolves clothing are nothing but republican dictators. They are all about taxing the poor and helping the rich…………………………………..

    “Tax the land of the poor, tax his bed, tax his table, at which he’s fed. Tax his tractor, tax his mule, teach him taxes are the rule. Tax his work, tax his pay, He works for peanuts anyway. Tax his cow, tax his goat, tax his pants, tax his coat. Tax his tie, tax his shirt, tax his work, tax his dirt. Tax his tabacco, tax his drink, tax him if he tries to think. Tax his car, tax his gas, find other ways to tax his ass. Tax his coffin, tax his grave, tax the grass which he is laid.

    Vote Issa out of office !

  • Fred

    I am very disappointed in your decision regarding the United States Postal Service. Pleas give it some thought how you would feel knowing that you possibly will not have a job in the near future, loss of pay and loss of benefits? Now think about the 500 million employees who will have that same feeling as well as devasting the economy in the US. Is this really what you want??

  • Jessica D. Baldomero

    I was very, very disappointed that Senator Darryl Issa is really trying to destroy the U,S, Post Office which is part of our History and ruin United States of America. The Government should be helping America , preserve the History not destroying it. Ruining the United States Post Office put a lot of people jobless including the “Veterans” that help and served America for the “Freedom” that we have now. I think Senator Darryl Issa is only thinking of his intention he doesn’t care of the rest of the people. How can you ignore the Veterans and people that over 60 years old, still very strong and healthy that still love to work and don’t want to retire? What do you want them to do? Senator Darryl Issa, I think you better look deeply in your Heart if you really want to ruin America and the people that served America? God Bless America and God Bless All of Us. I worked in the U.S. Post Office for more than 32 Years and I am a Clerk Craft Director for San Fernando Valley Area Local, American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO. Peace and Love to All. In Unity we can accomplish everything. (^!^)

  • Ernest Fultz

    This is missing leading. since 1971 they have been giving 100 million a year from congress. But from 2009-2012 they have borrowed more than 15 billion from the government in just three years. They argue that they are in a mess because congress is making them set money aside for their employees retirement health benifits. Thats bs other companys do it without borrowing money from the government. They also argue they are in this mess because they cant borrow from their employees retirement fund. No business should be able to borrow from employees retirement funds. If any thing they are in this mess because they been doing the local delivery for fed ex and ups and receiving only a fraction of the money. like most business that think they got government to fall back on upper management gets out of control which is were most of the real problems are at. Or they keep existing empty building instead of getting rid of themm Then going to uncle same to cover their mistakes. You can call the 15 billion plus as borrowed or the 100 million a year as none existing but the truth is its not like they will ever repay it. Truth is if congress didnt make them put money into their employee retirement health care those men and women would be shalfed.