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Connecticut Senator questions need for massive USPS job cuts

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal tells the Hartford Courant that he will probably oppose USPS efforts to lay off 20% of its employees. Connecticut recently finalized a plan for reducing the state’s budget. The plan was worked out through negotiations with the state’s unions, rather than by legislative fiat, as happened in Wisconsin, and as the USPS has proposed.

"I’m not necessarily advocating a specific solution," Blumenthal said, though he has also said there might be a way to change pension funding rules that could avoid post office closures.

And the Postal Service’s proposal to lay off 20 percent of its staff, which would require the approval of Congress to break union contracts?

"I think I’d oppose job cuts of that magnitude. I have no assurance that they’re necessary," he said.

via Blumenthal: Federal Government Needs To Spur Hiring – Hartford Courant.