NALC contract talks begin

Washington — The National Association of Letter Carriers promised to vigorously represent the country’s most trusted federal employees and to defend the long-term viability of America’s most trusted federal agency, the United States Postal Service, in negotiations for a new labor contract that commenced here today.

NALC President Fredric V. Rolando called on Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe to bargain in good faith and to disavow the regressive and destructive path unveiled last week when the Postal Service unleashed a lobbying campaign to convince Congress to reduce postal services to the nation, to slash the postal workforce by 220,000 employees and to attack the collective-bargaining rights of America’s hard-working letter carriers.

“Despite the Postal Service’s outrageous show of bad faith at the start of these negotiations, we are prepared to negotiate a fair, responsible and innovative labor agreement to reward our members and to position the Postal Service for a stronger and better future,” Rolando said.

“Letter carriers and NALC have worked tirelessly over the past four years to help the USPS overcome the impact of the Great Recession, helping to maintain high-quality service at the most affordable postage rates in the world,” he said. “Even as we press Congress and the administration to reform the crushing retiree health pre-funding mandate that accounts for 100 percent of the Postal Service’s losses over the past four years, we are ready to roll-up our sleeves at the bargaining table to creatively negotiate a contract that helps the USPS better serve the American people and the $1.2 trillion industry it supports—we are not prepared to shut out the lights on one of America’s greatest institutions.”

“We need to strengthen our nation’s only truly universal communications network, not dismantle it,” Rolando said. “We want to work with management to restore the Postal Service to health and to help it grow, offer new services and evolve to meet the changing needs of the country and the American economy.”

  • Linda

    We could start by closing Saturday.

  • dan

    Good Luck NALC…. the Morons are after YOU now.

  • Mark Duttlinger

    How conveniently the PMG cries doom and gloom at negotiation time when just a few weeks ago he said the usps has excellent letter carriers who provide excellent service. Anything to get rid of collective bargaining. Once again a company putting the blame on the front line worker. It is always their fault. Management never does anything wrong!

  • Mark

    prefunding of retirement is the one and only problem. Postal management has even come out and said that if the billions are returned, the usps would have made a profit 4 out of the last 5 years and that there would be no need to go to five day delivery. But the PMG is crying poor to try and undermine the contract talks. Good luck NALC, I am pulling for you. And you letter carriers out there better think twice about wanting Saturdays off. Im sure it would be nice. You could use the extra day to get your resumes together to look for a job with unemployment at 10%

  • John Doe

    Letter carriers are the hardest working craft. Rain, sleet or snow, we continue to battle the enviorment and the dogs daily. Put a sacthel on one of the Congree repres and see what they can do.

  • Robert

    5 days a week has nothing to do with having Saturdays off. It has to do with saving money. Don’t be brainwashed.

  • JY

    Yup, save money for management to squander.

  • Martin

    Postal management has made so many costly mistakes over the years I’m not sure if we can ever recover. However, we need to have layoffs! Craft employees still do not get it and do not value thier jobs. Unfortunitely the fear of losing thier jobs is probably the only thing to motivate many of them. There are just as many EAS that need to be shown the door also.

  • ajay

    As an older carrier with just 5 months from 30 years service weekends off would be wonderful, however all is not as it seems. First off most of the money saved would be lost with parcel shipping switching to the competition since we could hold up delivery by as many as 3 days straight when Holiday falls on Monday. Parcels have been increasing and helping the bottom line. That trend will shift in the other direction further hurting the Postal Service’s finances. Mail order medicine would also switch to guarantee speedier delivery to their participants. The competitors would just love to step in. There are many ways to get the Postal service financially sound again and 5 day delivery is not it. The Postal Service was never intended to be a business, so upper management needs to stop thinking they are a corporation.

  • Paul

    After last weeks performance by Donahoe how can he be trusted? No sooner than the APWU agreement was reached he came out with this retirement and health benefit reform nonsense. Like most USPS managers this guy only thinks about what is good for himself and cronies.

  • Proud Product of the USA

    Carriers do a great job delivering the mail and keeping an eye on our community while doing it. However, It takes all postal workers to get the job done. Whether your a carrier, clerk, custodian your a contributor in being the most trusted federal agency and we all need to unite and stick together so we can continue serving the american people and providing every community the service they deserve and are entitled to.

  • jeanne doe

    five days delivery today and tommorow no post office

  • Donna

    % days a week would be suicide. I can’t believe that people can’t see this. Don’t you know that there are others just waiting for this to happen so they can step in. Yes it’s true. Think again about what the ramifications would be.

  • GARY

    Does anyone happen to know if PMG Donoho is a blood relative of WI Governor Scott Walker?

  • Donna

    I meant 5 days

  • tony

    I’m brainwashed, Saturdays off all the way.

  • Steve

    Welcome to how private sector jobs are. You don’t perform u are gonzo…if you are as good as you preach, you don’t need cb to protect the bums….good workers will always have work.

    Steve…39 year retired carrier wilkes-barre pa

  • Logicsays

    @ Steve: Even good workers get taken advantage of. I am sure that Walmart has some damn good employees. But because they dont have collective bargaining they are totally exploited right along with the slackers. Having a bargained agreement with your company gives you pay and benefits above and beyond what an employee can get without one. Why do you think that the corporate backed conservative’s are so anti union? A unionized workforce benefits from the fruits of their labor on a far larger scale than a workforce that has no representation. Would you rather live in China, the #1 “right to work” state? Or Germany, arguably the most unionized and regulated country? Did you know that Germany is also the #1 exporting country on earth, not China. Our corporate owned media never informs us of that fact do they?

  • Kathy S

    @Steve: So, the Postal Service gave you all your benefits and good pay based on your college degree and extensive job skills?

  • Kathy S

    To all the brainwashed: What if it wasn’t Saturday? Would you still clamor for 5 day delivery if it meant no more rotating days off and Wednesday as a set day off?

  • Kathy S

    To all the brainwashed: How about saving money by working the Saturdays that fall in weeks with holidays? P O won’t have to pay O T because the holiday will be your day off for that week.

  • todd

    to all the dopes that want saturday off, it will be the death of the usps

  • Tony

    How about a VERA before any layoffs?

  • Hefra

    Funny how 5 day delivery has worked well for UPS and Fed Ex but won’t for USPS….some flexibility could be taken into account for Express Mail and holiday weekends but for the most part,Saturdays off & the end of pre-paying the retirement benefits so far in advance would fix the problem.
    Two part solution that doesn’t involve turning craft workers into Wendy’s employees.

  • Willie

    IF you look at this Pre Funded Retirement deal that the USPS got suckered into, it kinda reminds you of a Ponzi Scheme that a criminal mastermind by the name of Bernard Madoff orchestrated.. And yes it is no SECRET, everyone sees the same thing that the USPS sees BUT they are too Chicken S____ to go and get OUR money back.. So what do they do? Threaten the hardworking Faithfuls.. All jokes aside. The UPPER ECHELON needs to make haste on getting OUR money back in this Bad Economy before they get a brief case full of I O U’s..

  • Leroy364

    Pray that Linda and Tony are the first to be shown to the unemployment line.

  • tom

    5 day delivery will just be the start, they have already talked about 3 and 4 day delivery. uphold the contract, dont skip lunch, breaks, do your job by the contract. Vote for those who support your job. do not get fooled by the rhetoric. fed ex ( scabs) and ups are working more Saturdays and will will go to full time if we let them. those of you who are not intelligent enough to protect your jobs please stop being childish your hurting us.

  • postal in ok

    The smartest thing would be to cut tuesday delivery, unless it’s the 1st of the month, and if it is just run 1st class mail and whatever else you can get out. i’m in automation, and I know that cutting Sat will be a big problem, there will be so much mail on Mon that the cost will rise significantly from overtime and late delivery. If you voted for this contract, then you never understood, what their plan was,a nd you voted for the money, or for the duration. The key thing was the PSE’s, they will never leave now. But they know better than me so grin and bear it! OUT!