Union: Is Canada Post creating a crisis?

From the Canadian Union of Postal Workers:

Canada Post claimed its mail volumes dropped significantly during the Canadian Union of Postal Workers’ rotating strikes. That was the excuse it gave for shutting down delivery and imposing a nationwide lockout. But now piles of backlogged mail are awaiting delivery.

The Canadian Postal Service Charter sets out government expectations for delivery standards. According to those standards, Canada Post must deliver lettermail within specific timelines. However, letter carriers are not being allowed to meet delivery standards for all of the addresses on their routes. Postal workers are also reporting they are being forced to deliver out-of-date flyers rather than bills and cheques, setting themselves up to be blamed by an angry public. Reports are reaching CUPW from all over – large urban centres as well as smaller communities – about Canada Post management’s ongoing disruption of postal service.

The CUPW is concerned that decisions made by Canada Post senior management to first lock out and then delay delivery will be blamed on postal workers. This pattern of behaviour on the part of Canada Post management leads to the question: is Canada Post deliberately creating a crisis?

via CUPW – 2011-07-06 – Is Canada Post creating a crisis?.

  • Joe

    Is Canada Post creating a crisis?
    Yes, absolutely and without doubt. The Postal Service advised us that our Rural Mail Box (RMB) was under a traffic safety review. I feel convinced that, at our expense, they also want to save possibly millions of dollars across Canada that they have to pay out to deliver our mail. They expect us during the summer and in the winter to pick up our mail which is made up of legitimate mail and a load of flyers some of which are outdated, We would be required to drive if you have a vehicle, or walk if you do not have a vehicle as would be the case for one of my senior neighbors, this would also be a traffic hazard.
    Many of their customers including me are retired and don’t go out very often, which means many of their customers would be driving a distance to pick up a lot of useless paper. I would have to go a mile up the road in a direction that I seldom travel. I don’t think so…. (((I SUGGEST, IF NECESSARY, THAT THEY INCREASE THE COST OF POSTAGE TO COUNTERBALANCE SOME OF THEIR DELIVERY COSTS.))) and or (((POST A REDUCED SPEED LIMIT ALONG THE POSTAL ROUTE IN FORCE AT IDENTIFIABLE HOURS.)))
    If you are affected by this decision by Canada Post, Then I suggest you do like I did contact your Federal Member of Parliament and complain, if we make the effort, something will have to be done about it. My Member of Parlament for Leeds and Grenville in the Brockville On. Area is Gord Brown at 613-498-3096.
    If many of Canada Post`s Customers change their Canada Post Profile to no mailing address — I repeat no Community Mail Box (CMB) or no Post Office Box Number — In otherwords some of Canada Post’s customers could receive their mail, statements, and pay their bills over the internet and use direct deposit at the bank to receive payment; can you imagine what the result would be.