Former Indiana letter carrier charged with workers comp fraud

From the Department of Justice:

Chopper Loughran, 29, of Lake Station, Indiana, was charged in an indictment with two counts of making false statements in connection with Federal Workers’ Compensation Benefits. Loughran was employed as a United States Postal Service Letter Carrier at the Glen Park, Indiana Station starting on February 2, 2008. On July 18, 2008, she claimed a work-related injury to her right foot. Soon after her injury, the Defendant began submitting Travel Forms in connection with travel that she claimed was medically necessary. Count one of the indictment alleges that Loughran submitted mileage reimbursement claims for medical appointments on dates when she did not actually visit the medical offices; submitted inflated mileage reimbursement claims for medical appointments; and submitted childcare reimbursement claims related to medical appointments on dates that she did not visit those offices. Count two of the indictment alleges that Loughran asserted that she was not self employed or involved in any business enterprise during the timeframes at issue, when, in fact, she operated an eBay business. These charges were filed as the result of an investigation by the United States Postal Service-Office of the Inspector General, and the US Department of Labor-Office of the Inspector General. This case has been assigned to and will be prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Thomas Ratcliffe.

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  • Ronnie

    Damn thieves and cheats…if we could get rid of all these in the postal service just wonder how much we’d save….

  • Joe

    Only five months in the postal service and she files for OWCP…. hmmmmmm, sounds like she thought she couold get over on the Government… not worth it… Do your time and take the retirement, That’s how you get over on them.

  • marilyn

    All I want to know is how did she ever get approved in the first place. I have been a rural carrier for 11 years, have 5 disc in my neck and back that need to be repaired due to work, and haven’t been able to get my OWPC case approved. This chick is making it hard for someone who really has been injured to get the help they need.